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Magi – 25 (Finale)

magi-25-aladdin-alibaba-shaking_hands-friendship-partners-magic-magoiOne of the most fundamental and essential concepts present throughout all of Magi is the romance of adventure.  The romance of adventure is not an idea that unifies the romance between two characters with the genre of adventure (although one could argue that a powerful bond existed between Aladdin and Alibaba), but one that quantifies the stylization and presentation of adventure that is largely romantic and idealistic.  Whether it was questing through treacherous dungeons, relying on the help of mystic, majestic djinns and their phantasmal magic, fending off monsters and assassins alike or hunting for treasures of unimaginable wealth, the image and feeling of adventure in Magi was portrayed as glamorous, glorious, rewarding and extremely passionate.  Magi wanted to show these elements of adventures through this distinctive perspective which then helped enthuse and entertain the audience.  As you can imagine, this concept had a significant and permanent impression in Magi.

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Robotics;Notes – 17

robotics;notes-17-aki-smile-friendship-romance-happyThe purpose of the seventeenth episode of Robotics;Notes was to show Aki regain her fortitude, determination and perseverance; for her to recognize her dreams of completing a giant replica of Gunvarrel in the wake of the disbandment of the Tanegashima High School Robotics Club and when facing the orders to dismantle and scrape GunPro-2.  But you have to really question, how was this challenge or a problem for Aki?  How and why was this viewed as an obstacle for her to overcome?

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12 Days of Anime (2012) – Day 1 – The Pinnacle of Character Development: Cruz Schild in Needless

needless-56-cruz-setsuna-kuchinashi-yamada-trap-crossdressing-girls_squad-shoujo_butai-comedy-fanserviceEarlier this year, the 100th chapter of Needless debuted, a remarkable milestone for any manga, especially for one that is published monthly.  Not only did the chapter serve as a landmark for the manga itself, but it corresponded with the crowning achievement of the series protagonist, Cruz Schild, commonly known as Yamada.  As Needless has progressed through these past nine years, the story has evolved into one that emphasizes the growth and maturity of its central, most-dynamic character.  It has literally become the story of a boy becoming a man (while dressed as a girl), and the events and adventures over the entire manga easily demonstrate the greatest exhibition of character development that I have ever witnessed in my limited history of anime/manga and is a viable candidate for the greatest of all-time.

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Robotics;Notes – 2

In planning and preparation, Aki is not facing her reality.  Safely bound within the realm of her thoughts and imagination, Aki can freely dream of constructing the greatest robot to ever exist on this planet and toy with the idea of how her outdated hobby robot, with only one week to prepare, will be victorious in the exceptional Robo-One fighting tournament.  Of course, with these delusions of grandeur, Aki is bursting with confidence and excitement born through obsession and ignorance.  And when reality hits, it his Aki hard, and she faces the real world, one with a robot project that’s stalled, a hobby robot that’s obsolete, and her club facing dissolution.  In spite of all this, however, Aki sees it with a smile and gives it her all.

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Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita – 12 (Finale)

Being alone is one thing; choosing to be alone is something else entirely.  But if it were up to Watashi, she’d be alone through any means possible, whether by default or by choice.  It wasn’t until a bit of maturity on Watashi’s behalf did she finally change her stance on solitude and reverse her antisocial behavior.  This occurred when Watashi learned the valuable and timeless lesson to accept others for who they are and not to exclude them for what you think they are.  And though she faced difficulties and challenges, Watashi overcame her fear of friendship and changed, nay, improved her life forever.

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Summer 2012 – Week 9 Anime Review

During one of those previous weeks, I forget which one exactly: presenting effective yet limited character relationships in Sengoku Collection, questionable abandonment of the Voxes in Rinne no Lagrange, continuing the character problems in Tari Tari, and curious about Chitanda’s curiosity in Hyouka.

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Jormungand – 12

While the story of Jormugnand documents the adventures of Koko and her select crew of proficient bodyguards, there are considerable flaws in the storytelling that otherwise inhibit the anime from thriving and fulfilling its vast potential.  Though the characters and content have been stimulating and effective thus far, considerable faults exist in how these affairs progress and ultimately how the characters react and change under these intense conditions.  Though there have been challenges and obstacles for the characters to overcome in these various events, there are hardly any challenges or obstacles in their stories.  That is, there are virtually no complications or resistance in Jormungand in regards to how the stories unfold and resolve themselves.

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