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12 Days of Anime (2012) – Day 3 – The Aniblog Tourney

needless-14-kuchinashi-silent-emotionless-sketchbook-confused-question_mark-staring-comedy-hilariousAs I’ve made an emphasis about the anime community throughout these Twelve Days posts, I figure it’s about time for one of the greatest, most memorable and wholly entertaining events of the year: The Second Anime Blog Tournament or Aniblog Tourney.  With the first one occurring in 2010, before I discovered and read anime blogs, this was the first such event where a majority of the aniblogger community gathered together to share and explore bits and pieces of the community that may have gone unnoticed previously.  Seizing the opportunity, this blog was accepted into the tournament.  However, the act of putting my blog in the Aniblog Tourney is not the reason for it making the Twelve Days list.  Rather, it was the social aspects of the Aniblog Tourney which were the most influential and enduring.

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Anime Blog Tournament – Preview, Information, and Where to Vote!

In case you weren’t aware or are simply curious or maybe confused, the second Aniblog Tournament is prepared to begin Sunday, April 15th (20:00 GMT).  Participation for fans and readers is simple, visit the home page of the tournament to see which polls are open for that day.  There will be links available to visit all the anime and manga blogs for you to make your decision and it is your opportunity to vote for the one you prefer or would rather read.  The end will see one blog which will come out on top.   New polls open every day and are open for two days (48 hours), so be sure to visit these blogs and vote frequently for your voice to be heard!

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50 Questions for Avvesione

Now that I’ve arrived back home from Japan, I can resume blogging about random tangential posts on the various anime I watch.  But before we dive into the finales for Nisemonogatari, Guilty Crown, and Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam is a post I intended to have published while I was on vacation but it wasn’t completed in time and left for when I returned.  Starting the trend of answering 50 questions was AceRailgun (I recommend you check out his blog) and quite a number of other anime bloggers have already done similar posts since.  I meant to have this up weeks ago but it kept getting delayed and was never completed until now.  So here are my answers to the 50 questions!

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Year of 2011 – Final Review

Before embarking on another year of anime and adventures, we need to give a proper close to 2011 and give the year of anime an appropriate review.  While the four seasonal reviews provide all my detailed thoughts in a timely fashion, the structure of this post is to give a ranking for the anime of this year, the characters of this year, and a few extra tidbits to recognize this wonderful year and show appreciation it for all it has done.

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12 Days of Anime – Day 10 – Joining the Anime Community

This is already enough of a cheesy topic to post about but it would be even cheesier to wait until the final day of the 12 Days of Anime to post it (my original idea), so it’s going up now.

One of the best feelings of this past year of anime has been the general feeling of joining and being a part of the anime community.  Not only has the whole processes been inspirational and motivating, I’ve met so many people with similar passions who express their affection in immeasurable ways and have deepening existing friendships as well.  It is truly one of the best things about anime of this past year.

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Summer 2011 – Week 4 – Short Thoughts

Interested in some quick opinions each week on the 15 anime I’m currently watching this summer?

I kinda regret not starting this style of posts sooner.  Not only was the first post of this style rather fun and enjoyable but it also gave me the chance to bring up some of my thoughts and feelings about some of the other anime I’m watching and not blogging.  If I had started this style before, I would’ve loved to talk about other shows like Wandering Son, AnoHana, Level E, Tiger & Bunny, and many more.  I had so many thoughts and comments about those shows when they were airing but never really posted them here for people to read and ponder over.  But whatever, that time has passed and I’m onto the summer season.  I’ll just enjoy writing these types of posts and I hope you enjoy reading them.

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Winter 2011 – Season Review

Despite the most popular show of the winter season still incomplete, I’ll go ahead and write my season review for Winter 2011.  It’s not like there’ll be any changes to the scores or how they rank when Puella Magi Madoka Magica finishes, so there’s no real point in waiting an undetermined amount of time to pretty much post the same thing, especially with the other nine shows already complete.

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