Happy New Year!

Taking a second out of my… I guess this is my free time… I’m not quite sure, maybe?… to wish you all a safe and happy New Year. And with each passing day, the winter anime season approaches. This is always one of my favorite weeks, when we begin watching all the new shows. There’s some sense of marvel and speculation that seems to build it up like it’s something special. And since Christmas was just a short week ago, it allows me to use it as a relevant analogy in how I kinda see a new anime season.

Much like Christmas, you’re provided with presents under a tree; the first sign of something new for you. Much like with anime, the first preview you get of a new show is a website announcement, a blog entry, or one of The Cart Driver’s fabulous charts (Thank you for doing those). With the present, you can lift it, shake it, and use its size to potentially judge the present. Likewise, with anime, in order to get a better idea of the upcoming show, you get the pictures, CMs, PVs, and, if you’re impatient enough, you start reading the manga or whatever that was the source of said anime (8 commas?). I guess the Christmas analogy would be to search your house for any receipts after your parents finish shopping. And yes, both are probably cheating if anyone is keeping score. Finally, when that day comes, you get to thrash open your present and see what was hidden inside. With anime, when that day comes, you get to sit/lie down/stand in anticipation and find out what that show is like. It’s that time when you know if it’s a show you’ll deeply enjoy or regrettably regret… …or sometimes maybe not. Sometimes you don’t know right away how something will turn out; like with Christmas, you might get a brand new video game or board game which you won’t know how it is until days or weeks thereafter.

Times like these are why I get so energized for new seasons. It’s almost time to begin a fresh assembly of shows, each with new characters, stories, themes, and above all, worlds. There’ll be delights and there’ll be duds; there’ll be laughs and there’ll be lethargy; there’ll be favorites and there’ll be forgottens. But right now, in the days before the new season, it’s all bundled up in shiny, colorful fashion waiting the day of its debut. You’ve got to admit, that it is pretty special.

And with that I want to wish you a Merry Christmas… erm, I mean, a safe and happy New Year! I guess since I missed an entry around Christmas, you could count this as a kinda Holiday-combined post.

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  1. #1 by Justin on December 31, 2010 - 9:53 PM

    Er, my Christmas consisted of one present. lol Well I didn’t ask Santa for anything this year, so there goes that :D

    Anyways, Happy New Year!

    • #2 by avvesione on January 1, 2011 - 9:15 AM

      Ouch. I guess maybe that analogy works more when you’re a kid and getting presents is a bigger deal. Hopefully you get a few more ‘presents’ this winter.

  2. #3 by Ruby on January 1, 2011 - 12:20 AM

    Happy New Year! :)

    • #4 by avvesione on January 1, 2011 - 9:17 AM

      Happy New Year to you, too! Let’s hope this year is better than last, although that might be tough.

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