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Freezing is a show that knows what its target audience wants. The delivery is… for the most part, better than expected.  The people who watch this show want to see three things mainly: beautiful girls, panties, and fighting.  Those three ingredients have worked pretty well in previous popular panty fighters like Ikkitousen, Sekirei, and Queen’s Blade. But there’s something different about Freezing.  Something just a tad bit different that previous ecchi/fighting shows.

And that would be the blood. I was not expecting copious amounts of blood spewing from every inflicted wound in this type of anime.  Nor was I expecting the amount of panty shots either but that’s not as shocking.  Freezing certainly knows what it wants to be and doesn’t skirt around the issue but rather punches you in the face, tells you to man up, and get ready for even more.  That’s right, there’s more than just the blood.  During one of the flashbacks, you’re treated to the wonderful scene where one of those beautiful girls ends up with her leg completely torn off.  Gone.  Just a bloody pool on the floor where that girl’s leg should have been.  That’s right, this show isn’t here to be your softcore ecchi-fest; this is a fighting first and foremost anime.  What?  You don’t believe them yet?  How about watching a girl’s forearm apparently detach itself from above her elbow and fall to the ground.  Yup, this is undeniably not your typical panty anime…

Well, that’s a little too extreme to say, especially after just one episode.  Freezing’s begins with the lead female, Satellizer el Bridgette, undressing in a locker room only to activate her mysterious ability and become fully dressed in her battle uniform.  30 seconds in and already fanservice.  Outside in the downpour, girls with futuristic (read: medieval) weapons do battle.  Cut to men in military uniforms watching the fights on some futuristic (read: confusing) neon blue lighted table with their principal, who seems to be dressed like a nun.  Making her way onto the battlefield is Bridgette, along with her cold, stern attitude, who proceeds to defeat the remaining cohort of schoolgirls and amaze the army dudes.  I’m actually curious how they watched the fights since they were staring at some jumbled computerized mess instead of something simple and practical for watching people fight, like a TV.  Whatever.  Then came the school/hospital/flashbacks/helicopter scenes which pretty much bombard you with new vocabulary, characters, relevant history, mechanics of battle, and a couple pages of homework due next week.  Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad thing.  I’ve seen many anime do this to provide a basic level of understanding regarding the world and the rules of fighting.  These are pretty much necessary in order to clear up any confusion that arose from the several minutes of free-for-all fighting.  I’m actually pleased with how Freezing did these educational scenes. The information progressed in a logical fashion and built upon the previous material leading the complex world their in easier to comprehend.  So far, things are progressing much better than I ever expected from Freezing.  After various scenes of high octane fighting and glorious white panties, we near the end of the episode when it’s time for the lead male to meet the lead female.  Mistakenly taking our busty heroine as the lead male’s thought-to-be-dead older sister, the guy dives into her breasts thinking he’s reunited with his missing sibling.  Bridgette’s personality suddenly shifts from her invincible, battle-tested self to some pedestrian, ditzy harem girl.  And to make matters worse, there’s some instant compatibility between those two.  I hope you haven’t said “ughhhh” aloud yet because we can do it together in just one sec…


The first episode of Freezing was certainly packed full of visually pleasing fights in a seemingly appropriate environment, but one has to wonder if Freezing will be able to sustain that level of adrenaline throughout the course of the series.  I was less than thrilled to see a segment of some typical, futuristic school scenes breaking up the unexplained fighting.  This worries me a little that the show might try to introduce some romance/harem/lame comedy aspects to the series, which would almost certainly taint the show for me.  And that meeting between the two main characters doesn’t leave me with a good feeling heading into the next episode.

I’d admit that the first episode went above my expectations, despite the final 2 minutes trying its damnedest to ruin what I enjoy in a Brain Off anime.  For a show like this, bountiful pantyshots and elegant fighting are enough to keep me amused.  I want to be able to shut my brain off to any idea of romance or story or character development and just enjoy the show for what it wants to be: entertaining.  And who wouldn’t agree with me?  This show isn’t designed to have some charming romance, enchanting story, or charismatic characters. It’s not built that way, so there’s no point in trying to force it into something it shouldn’t be. If I wanted a romance, story, or character development, I’d watch something else. Freezing is here to stimulate your brain in another way: to have fun fulfilling your innate desires, to have fighting and sex appeal at the same time.  I’m just hoping the series doesn’t steer away from what it did well in its first episode and continues to be the overly-bloody, ecchi fighting anime it should be.


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  1. #1 by Justin on January 10, 2011 - 8:54 PM

    That depends on if the anime directors go by the manga–which they sorta didn’t with this first ep. Lots more ecchi than even the manga, the action was definitely good, but I’m wondering how everything will play out…

    • #2 by avvesione on January 10, 2011 - 10:10 PM

      I may have been overstepping my bounds since I don’t know anything about the manga but I’m guessing this follow the same path as Rosario + Vampire did. The manga was a lot less ecchi then the anime. I have a feeling it will cause some people to hate it and others to love it.

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