Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 – 2

Sawako is sowing the seeds of love.

Or rather, it seems like it’s everyone else in the series sowing the seeds of love.  The third episode of Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 takes a broader angle with Sawako and friends entering their second year of high school together.  The gang remains intact in their new classroom.  For that, you can thank Ayane who went out of her way to bribe Pin to keep everyone together for one more year.  Point goes to Ayane.  But wait, Pin said he kept everyone together out of sheer kindness because they’re all such good friends.  Point goes to Pin for actually showing he cares about someone besides himself.  And Ayane can keep her point because the thought counts.  Good for those two.  Points go to Kazehaya since he ditched his friends to spy on Sawako taking care of the flower bed and wait for her to return to the classroom.  Point goes to Kazehaya.  Sawako is the only one without any points at this point.  It really is not her fault, though.  Kurumi planted an evil seed of doubt in Sawako’s mind that has distorted her perception of Kazehaya and is causing more problems of misunderstanding, as was highlighted with the conversation after Sawako was done planting her plant seeds.  So, Kurumi gets a negative point.

Oh, and then there’s Chizuru and Ryu.  We are presented with a short but significant reintroduction to their relationship when Chizu catches up to Ryu after class.  On the surface, the conversation appears brief and devoid of depth and not at all important.  Rather, the quick chat they had puts their relationship under the microscope.  Chizuru and Ryu’s relationship is young and lacks any real substance.  There are underlying feelings, sure, but it’s hard to ignore Chizu’s affection to Ryu’s brother, Toru, for all those years prior.  Since meeting Toru’s fiancé, Chizu came to the conclusion that she’d never be more than his ‘younger sister’ largely due to the bond between their families and their childhood together.  However, the relationship with Ryu is becoming more than just that of ‘siblings’.  At its current stages, it is still in its infancy with no real depth.  That conversation reminded us of that fact.  It will be meaningful to compare this exchange against their future intimacy as the series progresses.

But enough about the love and romance and school life.  I’ll probably be emphasizing those aspects to death and back in every post.  There’s always been something about the comedy in Kimi ni Todoke that keeps a smile on my face.  The humor returned in this episode in various ways, not just jokes relating to Sawako’s misconceptions of people or Pin’s self-absorbed superego.  Everyone was involved in the humor, which is always an indication of something I enjoy.  Chizuru hip tackles Sawako in the beginning, Ayane has her reactions to everything around her, Kazehaya has his awkward moments when Kento begins poking Sawako, and so forth.  All of those things and several others left me laughing or, at the very least, with a smile on my face.  These light-hearted, swift jokes are well-timed and entertaining, which break up what otherwise would be a constant story about various romance stories.  It gives the series some human feeling that help complement the serious side of the series.

So far, Kimi ni Todoke is staying strong in all departments.  The animation continues to stay strong since the first season and the pacing, although a little slow, still feels right.  The scenery is, again, breathtaking.  I’ve read a couple of times that people are disappointed or frustrated that Sawako and Kazehaya have taken a few steps back in their relationship.  While I’d like to see them back in the stage at the end of the first season, this stuff happens and it is happening to Sawako and Kazehaya now.  It’d be rather dull to have a relationship develop without any hardships, such as the theme of distance I highlighted in my post about Episode 1, and so I welcome this.

We’re beginning to see how Sawako and Kazehaya deal with their struggles as their relationship begins to bloom.  And if that the scene coincides with the flowering of the garden that Sawako planted this episode, then Sawako will get a point, too.


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