Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 – 4

What’s great about Kimi ni Todoke is that the show is about the romance between Sawako and Kazehaya, not that the show is Sawako and Kazehaya.

With such a great cast as Kimi ni Todoke has, it’s a shame to go a full episode without any input or conversation from significant characters like Chizuru, Ryu, and even Kurumi.  Sometimes we’re so caught up in the moment with our heroine Sawako that we tend to gloss over and not notice these supporting character’s roles.  And when the characters are on the screen, it’s almost always guys talking to guys and girls talking to girls.  Not that it’s a bad thing but I always like to see characters mix it up every once in a while and interact with someone new.

Episode 4 (the fifth episode of this season) spends time with each character and focuses on their impressions of the events of Episode 3 and prior.  Kent critiques Kazehaya, Kazehaya queries Chizuru, Sawako and Kazehaya have (newsflash!) another awkward ‘good morning’, Ayane, Chizu, and Sawako have their conversation, Ayane confronts Kazehaya, and lastly, Ayane explains to Chizu what’s going on, since there is a lot going on.  Oh, and there was a splash of Kurumi somewhere in the middle, too.  In other words, this episode featured the entire cast of Kimi ni Todoke (minus Pin).  It was not just an episode with Sawako and Kazehaya hogging the limelight, like how some episodes feel.  No, the spotlight was distributed among the cast in a fair manner.  And everyone had a meaningful addition to the episode.  It’s nice to see where everyone stands and what everyone knows in a story like this, especially when the supporting cast playing vital roles to the overall plot.

Anytime I see the entire cast have important pieces in an episode, I’m thrilled.  It shows the versatility of a show.  Being able to insert a character into a scene and not lose the pace or energy is difficult.  Kimi ni Todoke has such a strong and developed cast that inserting any two random characters into a scene together can produce a worthwhile product.  That’s largely due to the series’ length, but it’s still able to do it in a proper manner.  Nevertheless, the whole cast was highlighted in this episode and that’s always worth a gold star in my book.  Now let’s hope this keeps up and we get to see more of Chizu and Ryu!


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