Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 – 5

Yeah, that’s right; this is going to be about Chizuru and Ryu.  I’ll have plenty more time to talk about Sawako, Kazehaya, and Kent or whatever later, but for now, it’s Chizu and Ryu!

Let’s face it.  Chizuru and Ryu will never get a full episode dedicated to their relationship.  The show will always be centered on Sawako.  And for good reason; Sawako’s story is much more appealing.  But this about as close I can get to a Chizuru-Ryu episode this season, I think, or I’m just impatient about the whole issue.  Sure, we’ll get some development later between these two but I think we saw enough to better understand what’s going on with their relationship.

So, the day finally came for Toru’s wedding.  In the previous episode, we saw Ayane help Chizuru pick out a dress for the wedding, finally deciding on a red… one… I don’t know much about dresses, other than this one was red.  Regardless, the day finally began with Chizu teaching herself how to put on makeup.  We all know that’s a disaster waiting to happen which is why the kind-hearted and skilled Ayane shows up early in the morning to save Chizuru’s day.  And thanks to Ayane, the finished product is a stunning, glamorous babe.

Chizuru rides in the family car with Ryu and his father to the wedding.  Not much of the wedding is shown, except for Chizuru and Ryu standing together and Toru’s line about how they’ll be closer together.  That’s saying quite a bit seeing as she’s almost like family, judging from how much time she spends with them.  Anyway, Chizuru’s a champ for seeing her old crush tie the knot with someone else and smiling the whole way.  You could tell she was truly happy throughout the whole day.

That evening, Chizuru waited for Ryu to come by on his evening jog.  After some quick small talk, Chizuru’s true motives for the evening chit-chat come to light.  Knowing she’ll be killed by Ayane for what she said to Kazehaya in the last episode, she tries to get Ryu to make things better on Kazehaya’s end of the relationship.  And that’s about it before we get back in the Sawako-side of the story.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the romance story between Sawako and Kazehaya, but I find the relationship between Chizuru and Ryu to be interesting, too.  It’s just that the latter relationship is never really developed.  In fact, they’re still just friends.  You could even say they’re family, the way they interact with each other.  There never is any real development between the two, aside from Chizuru updating herself on Ryu’s baseball news or about Sawako and Kazehaya.  Their conversations have no substance or feelings to them.  And it’s not like Ryu doesn’t have any feelings despite his placid outward appearance.  We saw his brilliant smile when Chizuru appeared from the house (3rd picture from the top).  So what’s up with the romance between those two?  Why is it stagnating like Sawako and Kazehaya’s?

It’s hard to say for sure, but they aren’t reading each other’s feelings.  Unlike Sawako and Kazehaya’s relationship where misunderstandings proliferate and meddling people muck things up even worse, there’s nothing really stopping Chizuru from Ryu or the other way.  Besides maybe a little shove in the right direction or some summoned courage, Chizuru and Ryu could realistically start dating.  But they aren’t.  And that’s because they don’t seem to understand what the other is thinking.  It’s also part of the problem between Sawako and Kazehaya but there are a lot of other things going on.  For Chizuru and Ryu, this seems to be their only obstacle.  They just aren’t sure when to take the next step in the relationship.

But you know it’ll happen.  Maybe sometime after the summer baseball tournament.  Maybe sometime thereafter.  But it’ll happen.  And that’s one of the reasons why Kimi ni Todoke is so great.

It’s great because we know we’ll get more screentime for Ryu!  Yay!


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