Freezing – 6

One naturally should assume that a world-class academy, such as Genetics, would have an outstanding and engaging faculty, enriching the students’ lives and graduating an elite class of super-soldiers prepared to save the world from colossal aliens.  But that assumption is completely untrue.  Given the complete lack of presence the teachers have on campus and around students, I’m willing to say that the instructors at Genetics are some of the worst in the world.

Now we’ve seen teachers before in Freezing, lecturing to their class about the Nova aliens, breaking up fights between students or, in this episode, initiating fights between students.  But they are largely ineffective in preparing these Pandoras for their upcoming battles with the aliens.  How does one-on-one fighting help?  The simulator shown at the end of the third episode, the one where Ingrid and Leo trained together, is a superior way to train the girls to fight.  They’re actually fighting what they will be fighting out in the real world.  Perhaps the machine is expensive to use or was being used by another class, but it only makes sense to train the Pandoras to fight Novas instead of other Pandoras.  This one-on-one style mock battle only helps minimally compared to other existing resources on campus.  So the curriculum set up by the teachers is counterintuitive.

Furthermore, the teachers never engage or interact with the students.  Going back to the mock battle between Ganessa and Rana, the teacher ends the fight before serious energy and congratulates both girls on an excellent fight.  But that was it.  No evaluation on fighting technique, highlighting weaknesses or strengths, critiquing their offense or defense, or even assigning a grade.  Nope, the teacher was about as helpful to those girls as a hamburger with nothing between the buns.  You’d assume the teachers would actually teach.  Going back to earlier episodes, the teachers spend most of the time in the classroom lecturing their material and rarely engaging their students.  In fact, the students are doing more for themselves, training in the simulator on their own time to hone their skill, develop coordination, and practice cooperation with their Limiter.  If the teachers were able to help the students with use their Volt Weapons more effectively or educate their students in battle tactics, then I could see their job being worthwhile.  Right now, I seem them as nothing more than a waste of space.

Perhaps the lack of influence and proper training by the teachers is due to their background.  The two main teachers we’ve seen in Freezing were both survivors of the previous Nova war which had been referenced in earlier episodes.  These ladies were probably selected because they have experience fighting Novas and know how to return victoriously.  That may also explain why they’re ineffectual at instruction, having only trained in the military arts instead of education.  It would explain their improper curriculum, unimpressive teaching styles, and general lack of engagement with students.  But if the students show results on the battlefield, regardless of how their teachers perform, then I suppose there would be no change to the system.  Still, I’d like to see better teachers for the students in Freezing.

As the season has progressed, I’ve become less and less impressed with Freezing.  The censoring of gore has irritated me, especially after the bloodbath in the first episode.  Still remaining is the ecchi factor but even that has been toned down in recent episodes.  The cast of characters in Freezing is done well, although the anime has been repetitive in the format of each episode, introducing a new girl and having a quick fight in the latter half.  But for a Brain Off anime, I don’t really care how the format is as long as there’s nicely animated fights and something stimulating or intriguing between battles.  It’s just the stimulating factors, the gore and ecchi, have been reduced in screentime for the development between Aoi, Satellizer, and Rana.  I’m hoping they return in full-force before the end of the season but we’ll likely have to wait for the cycle of repetitive format to be broken before that.

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