Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 – 6

Is Sawako’s support network helping or hurting her relationship with Kazehaya?  On one hand, they are there to catch her when she’s down in the dumps and sobbing.  On the other, they’re kinda the source of a lot of these misconceptions that Sawako and Kazehaya have for each other.  So which one is it?

It seems like everyone from the supporting cast (that is everyone except Chizuru) knows that Sawako is mad for Kazehaya and Kazehaya is crazy for Sawako.  And it seems everyone wants them to get together, outside of Kurumi, which explains their actions and dialogue toward Sawako and Kazehaya.  So it seems like the support network beneath Sawako is pushing her toward a romantic relationship with the man she loves.  After all, they’re the ones that comfort and try to cheer up Sawako when she’s crying her eyes out (literally).  They’re the ones that build Sawako back up to her normal empathetic and caring self.  Sawako’s network of friends certainly is doing a great job in this respect.

Well, that is until you analyze their word choice when talking to Sawako.  There have been countless times already where the good intentions of a supporting character became misread through poor word choice or vague dialogue, which in turn causes either Sawako or Kazehaya to misinterpret the other and damage this stagnant relationship.  It seems like everyone has been a guilty party by now.  I fail to understand why they say these things and walk away allowing Sawako the time for these ideas and others to run through her head until she finds the most pessimistic option and believes in it.  They’ve seen her act around strangers before, so they should know one of her special talents is misunderstanding situations.  Why they don’t stop and ask what Sawako is feeling or thinking is beyond me.

But I will admit, this story is better than just having someone like Ayane or Pin tell Sawako how Kazehaya feels and how she should successfully talk to him in order to achieve both lovers’ goals.  No, that wouldn’t do.  That’s not what Kimi ni Todoke is about.  It’s about Sawako earning this romance.  It’s up to Sawako to take the steps necessary to make Kazehaya’s hers in the end.  Sure, there’ve been some bumps, bruises, and setbacks, but Sawako has been steadily climbing the mountain.  And the driving force behind this is her determination.  Sawako is truly a strong character to persevere through these hardships, not to mention how other students (and Pin) treat her and fail to remember her name.  So, in a way, I’m slightly happy to see Sawako’s support network muddle things up, but only just a little.  It makes the storytelling that much more exciting, allowing us to build compassion for each character, knowing what they know and what they’re saying and how it will be misconstrued.

Now, if only every episode had as much progress as this one did, then I’d be happy.  Actually, scratch that, if only every episode was oversaturated with Ryu.

I’ve also tried writing a post about the music in Kimi ni Todoke but it ended in miserable jumbles of basic sentences and brainless statements.  Instead, I’d like to spotlight the soundtrack of Kimi ni Todoke in the final section of this post.

The soundtrack is absolutely wonderful in this series.  The way the music comes and goes through episodes is really spectacular, aiding in the humor in the comedy scenes and sustaining tension in the romance scenes.  And that’s about all I can say.  I have no real knowledge of music or soundtracks, instruments or melody, but I know what I enjoy and I greatly enjoy the soundtrack of Kimi ni Todoke.

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