Fractale – 5

So much for all the exploration I was hoping for.

Okay, so I’ll admit, Fractale isn’t what I was expecting it to be.  I was expecting it to be something focused on exploration, discovery, and adventure.  However, there have been little to no development on these topics.  In fact, there has been little development on the world.  This whole episode we were cooped up in a tiny airship floating lost among a blue sky and blue sea.  I was hoping for bustling villages, untouched natural landscapes, toppled and decaying ruins, and the various people who inhabit these places.  Definitely not the world I was expecting when I started this show.

Actually, I’m wondering what this show is about.  Most of the series has focused on the bumbling family of terrorists, rather than anything interesting.  You’re given this dystopian future society where people interact with avatars known as Doppels, are brainwashed by this temple who abuses the Fractale system for their own purposes, oh, and said system is supposedly collapsing, thus spelling the end of civilization as we know it.  There are so many more interesting things to focus on than the murderous dimwits who you could find in any mediocre anime.  Instead of spending time on the novel ideas and concepts in the anime, the very reason many fans started watching Fractale, we’ve been subjected to an anime that’s declined to showing us a family doing laundry and eating meals together.

What we’ve learned in the series thus far is that there is this small society that’s lived their entire lives peacefully separate from the Fractale system.  They unsuccessfully tried to capture a feeling girl and capture a boy instead and then suddenly decide it was their duty to kill a whole bunch of innocent, brainwashed individuals thus forcing some of them to spend their life on the run.  There hasn’t even been half of the development on Clain, Phryne, or Nessa yet.  There’s been even less development on the whole Fractale system, the temple, Doppels, and normal members of society.  And even less, is the world.  It’s like they knew what I wanted and then reversed the order on me.

The focus of Fractale has definitely been off the mark for me.  And I feel it’s safe to say that it’s missed the mark for many of its viewers.  When you’re given an original setting and fascinating background, such as Fractale, it only feels like a waste when it spends its time on dull secondary characters and their lackluster plot, especially when the main characters are there by accident.  And it doesn’t help that Enri and Sunda are boring themselves either.  Enri has failed to do anything beside comment on the “ecchiness” of everything and Sunda just belittles Clain before resuming his position as the leader.  You’re losing my interests, Fractale.

I can only pray that in the next episode, Clain, Phryne, and Nessa depart the airship before it flies off to the horizon, carrying with it all the uninteresting characters and storylines with it, never to be seen again.

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