Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 – 7

I don’t think we’ll get any progress until near the end of the school festival.  That’s just how these types of things work.  We’ll be seeing a lot of conversations between the secondary characters until the end of the festival when Sawako and Kazehaya, finally together and alone, decide to actually talk to each other.

So, until that time, why don’t we spend our time watching something else besides the supporting cast argue amongst each other and meddles in the relationship more?  Why not focus on the cast doing things outside of the relationship?  Why yes, that’s an atrocious awesome idea!

Here is a list of alternative options that are rather thoughtless suggestions (they might confuse you for side-stories but that’d be shameful to the word ‘stories’) that would never be considered for the manga or any intelligent work for that matter.  These are purely fictional realms where these plots, for lack of a better word, take place until Sawako and Kazehaya are finally able to start taking steps in the right direction together.  So these ideas are just there to take up space and give us something fresh and new instead of what we’ve been seeing the first half of the season.  Now then, let’s begin:

Kent’s Touch of Death: A glimpse into the life and times of Kento Miura, the golden youth who has the uncanny ability to transform whatever he touches into… death.  Yes, Kent has the mysterious and poisonous touch that can misconstrue conversations and devastate relationships whenever he’s around.  Blend that with his constant need for interfering in everyone’s’ lives and you have yourself a lethal madman set out to obliterate the social life of everyone in high school.  Watch as Kent damages friendships, traumatizes students, and is an all-around great guy in these exciting filler episodes.

Kurumi’s One-Way Trip to Hawaii: Kurumi, winner of some sort of lottery or sweepstakes or whatever kids do nowadays, is set off to the sun-soaked and wave-kissed beaches of Waikiki for a couple episodes.  Ah, there’s not much that’s better than a relaxing getaway in a glamorous resort in a foreign country.  But Kurumi, mistakenly or purposefully, misplaced her return ticket to Japan and can never return to her homeland (for some reason).  Now, there’s nothing better than a relaxing getaway in a glamorous resort in a foreign country WHILE keeping that bitch away from Sawako. Back in Japan, Sawako is free to safely roam her ecosystem without the threat of an aggressive and confusing predator, ready to create unwanted problems for our heroine’s lovelife.  I’d imagine we’d get to see Kurumi in a bikini, too, which is a plus.

Ryu’s Baseball Extravaganza!: With the summer tournaments rapidly approaching, Kimi ni Todoke shifts its focus onto Ryu and his electrifying and heart-pounding baseball life.  Dumping the shoujo and romance aspects, Ryu’s Baseball Extravaganza fully devotes its entirety to becoming an intense sports anime, even if he’s the best at giving advice to Sawako or Kazehaya.  Replacing bubbly foregrounds for line drives and misunderstandings with infield errors, these few episodes show the true emotions our battle-tested baseball warrior, Ryu, as he tries to lead his underdog teammates against the field in what is surely to be a passionate, exhilarating, and dazzling mini-series.  Actually, I’d like to see more time devoted to Ryu’s baseball.

Ayane and her Grasshopper: In this alternative focus, Ayane teaches our loveable baka, Chizuru, the ways of the social high school world, with hilarious consequences.  Oblivious to certain social norms and proficient at misreading cues, Chizuru turns to our all-knowing Ayane for training to become cured of her thick-headedness.  But it seems our mentor may be biting off more than she can chew.  Spanning several episodes, we witness a light-hearted comedy following the misadventures of Chizuru, as Ayane tries to teach her social awareness and how to not screw up relationships.  Along the way, Chizuru learns a little about bit about friendship, love, and how to get the right answers on the next math exam.  Comes complete with 90s sitcom laugh-track.

Yeah, after reading a few of those ideas, I should be thankful for what we’re watching.  Sometimes I get disappointed with the lack of progress in Kimi ni Todoke.  I know it’s leading to something good but sometimes you don’t want to wait for it.  After watching this episode, I realized the relationship is still in a downward trajectory.  And with all the emphasis in the background scenes pointing toward the school festival, a staple of school anime, you can’t help but figure that’s when things will start up again.  But for now, I guess we’ll have to deal with more misunderstandings, arguments, and painful moments for everyone.

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