Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Disaster in Japan

While the earthquake and tsunami may be over, the recovery process will be long and difficult in Japan.  Not only has the damage been immense and loss of life catastrophic but hundreds of thousands have been evacuated from the area and moved into emergency shelters.  On top of all that, the workers at the nuclear plants in Fukushima have been doing their best to prevent a radiological nightmare by keeping their reactors under control.  There have also been reports that there will be rolling blackouts in the regions which will hinder the recovery effort as well.  These are truly dire times in Japan.

But the emergency response has been great, and you can do your part to help in the recovery process.  Charities from around the world are providing volunteers, time, and money to the recovery effort.  Below are a few links to some organizations who are assisting in the recovery process.

American Red Cross


International Medical Corps

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Japan.  Let’s make this a quick and healthy recovery!

  1. #1 by Justin on March 13, 2011 - 8:44 PM

    Yes, let’s hope!

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