Fractale – 8

If Fractale were a horror anime, then Nessa would’ve been a perfect monster.  She just randomly appears, wrecks havoc and destroys electrical systems, not to mention that she’s invisible to most and can hide herself from others when she wants to.  And when she’s angry, you better watch out.

The eight episode of Fractale dives deeper into the relationship of Phryne and the temple, as well as introduction to the whole ‘key’ idea we’ve been hearing since the series was in its infancy.  By revolving mainly around Clain and the Phyrne he meets, the Nessa-looking one that’s like a disposable clone, we begin to understand why Phryne abandoned the temple, taking with her the coveted Nessa data, as well as her link to the well-being of the Fractale system.  In addition to Clain’s exploration, there are disturbing scenes involving Phryne, this time the real one, and what the temple plans to use her for.  And then you’ve got Nessa decimating the facilities.  That was awesome.  Who knew she was so capable of destruction and terror?

Fractale has picked itself up in recent episodes and consequently, has resurrected my curiosity in this series.  Still, I can’t help but wonder what the earlier episodes did for this current storyline.  Lost Millennium played a minimal role in these past two episodes, two of the better episodes in the series I might add, and the whole focus of the series has shifted from life without the Fractale system to Phryne and Nessa, a most welcome change in my opinion.  The series isn’t using any of the material that was built up or developed in the middle of the series, making me wonder how connected these episodes are to each other.  It’s like there have been two different storylines going on here with a sudden change happening between the sixth and seventh episodes.

The third through sixth episodes feel like an inserted OVA plot, whereas the important (and more interesting) storyline ended with the second episode and began with the seventh one.  The focus on the main characters seemed secondary to the middle episodes, which instead focused on Lost Millennium, life without the Fractale system, and social strength.  That would’ve been fine for a fun, little OVA series but it didn’t really do anything to the whole mystery or story around Phryne and Nessa.  Fractale would’ve been a much stronger series had it skipped from the second episode to the seventh, presenting the characters and their problems and focusing on them right away instead of ignoring them for half the season.  Ah, well, those are just my thoughts after seeing this episode.  At least the series is on the right track for me, so hopefully the ending will be impressive.

I wonder if we’ll see anymore doppels (besides Nessa) in the series before it is over.  Both the temple and Lost Millennium do not use doppels like the general population does, and aside from the metropolis highlighted in the seventh episode, there haven’t been any doppels since the second episode or thereabouts.  Doppels have been one of the more interesting aspects of Fractale and it’s a shame they aren’t involved more in the series.  With their wacky designs and forged personalities, I grew somewhat attached to them in the first episode, thinking they’d become a stable of this show, in each and every facet of ultramodern humanity.  Instead, they’ve been virtually absent in the series, except of course for the seventh episode which showed a doppel paradise.  I’m hoping to see more doppels, their creation, and their relationship to the Fractale system in the upcoming episodes, but I feel that we may never get around to those things with only a handful of episodes left.


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