Freezing – 10

Freezing is a tease.  And not just all those panties and occasionally bloody brawls and whatnot but rather the Nova.  Okay, really, all three but let’s just focus on the Nova here.  We’re finally facing a major encounter against those bizarre creatures, but instead they send out regurgitated Pandoras to do their bidding, delaying their fight one more episode.  Dang!  I was really hoping to see a lengthy and meticulous battle between the cast of Freezing and the invading Nova.

But whatever, I guess more fights between Pandoras are what I’ve come to expect from Freezing.  Not that it’s a terrible thing; I do enjoy the fights, the characters, their weapons, and the fanservice in Freezing.  It certainly makes for an entertaining anime.  And at the very least, Satellizer should be adequately prepared to fight Pandoras as she has been constantly fending herself from assault after assault from her fellow classmates.  Ganessa and Rana, too, which is probably why they selected those three to guard the academy’s sacred treasure, the source of their stigmas and therefore their main power source.  Ah, what’s that?  Is that some actual plot to this series?

Yes, the episode also introduced the purpose the Nova have on the surface.  But still, that information was played down in favor of some more action and ecchi, which in my mind (and eyes) is probably the better move at this point.  I don’t think people watching Freezing are necessarily absorbed into the plot.  And I guess that the people who already care for the plot can pick up the manga once these 12 episodes have finished airing.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to say that the plot is completely ignorable and irrelevant and that the only thing I’m watching this for is for violence and fanservice.  It’s just that it’s not the most significant thing in the series and I think the series knows that.

If this Nova war were more important, it would’ve had additional screentime and development.  But it hasn’t.  Instead, the series focused on introducing its diverse and vibrant cast of characters, providing minimal background information and then tossing them into a meaningless fight.  In fact, I feel that the Nova fight here, in the finale, will be used to bring everyone together and show off their strengths and newfound cooperation rather than progress with the relationship between the Nova and the ‘Holy Corpse’.  And to be honest, who can blame them.  I actually like what they’ve done so far, by providing the reason the Nova are attacking and nothing more.  I think a majority of this audience would rather have it this way than to insert some hasty and incoherent nonsense and call it a plot.  That has been done in too many anime and has left the endings feeling jumbled, miserable, and worthless.  I hope Freezing doesn’t make the same mistake that its predecessors have made by trying to insert a story above all else.  It’s an entertaining anime and should stay as one.

Do these Pandoras count as zombies?  That’s what I’m thinking they are, except they’re following orders instead of hunting brains.  You know, there have been a lot of anime out there combining the elements of the undead with ecchi lately, too.  Maybe not on the same level as Highschool of the Dead or Kore wa Zombie desu ka? but still similar, in a way.  It seemed to come out of nowhere, at least in the realm of fanservice, so I wonder how long this combination will last.  Probably not too much longer but it is interesting, to say the least.

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