Fractale – 9

Well, I guess with the abrupt onslaught of plot and story, there goes my final remaining hope that there’d be some exploration and discovery in this series.

But it’s not like it was the ninth episode’s fault.  There needed to be some story and explanation between Nessa and Phryne, which, to be honest, has been quite appealing to me.  What we know now is that the temple plans to combine Phryne and Nessa into a ‘key’ which will revive the decaying Fractale system, a process that seemed to have been repeated many times in the past and presumably, many more times in the future.  It seems interesting, but it does leave the audience with quite a few questions.

So just how the hell does the Fractale system work exactly?  Why would sacrificing a cloned human from many years prior and her former personality, that in the form of a doppel (which is reliant upon the Fractale system to begin with), be able to fix satellites that have been destroyed and probably burned up in the atmosphere?  Is it just macro degeneration of the Fractale system or are there problems with the nano-machines within the Fractale terminals of every human reliant upon the system?  And if this process has happened before in the past, why didn’t they start to fix it when it first showed signs of decay instead of waiting for Phryne to leave and get stuck in this whole mess?  I seriously doubt we’ll see Phryne and Nessa combined to revive the Fractale system, meaning it’s likely that these questions will go unasked and unanswered.  But that’s not the worst that could happen with this story.

In all honesty, leaving unanswered questions is better than making up some bullshit explanation in the end.  It’d be better than saying it’s some sacrifice to some ‘god-system’ which then will dues ex machina everything and allow civilization to remain stagnant for the next period of time until the system begins to collapse again.  There’s a voice in the back of my head that seems to point toward this ending, or something along a similar path, which would ultimately disappoint me.  I’m holding out for an ending where the Fractale system ultimately collapses and the Lost Millennium sets out to educate the world (or what’s left after the mass suicides that’d take place if the Fractale system did collapse) how to live in the world without relying on that deceiving technology.  There are a range of possibilities that can happen in the final episodes, so at least the series is keeping me on my toes for what will happen.  I just hope that it’s a well written ending with some answers to a few of the questions I asked above.

Will there be any resolve with Clain’s father from the sixth episode?  Seeing him for only one episode seems like a tease, especially with his specific goals of reviving the Fractale system on a small scale and his interest in older technology.  I have a feeling we’ll be seeing him in the final episode, doing whatever he’ll do after whatever happens with the Fractale system in the finale.  Perhaps we’ll see him find his wife, who has been completely absent from the series since the second episode when she was in the form of a parental doppel.  Or maybe not.  Maybe we’ve seen all we will ever get to see of Clain’s father, which would be sad since he seemed like one of the more motivated characters in the series.  Guess we’ll find out in a few weeks.

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