Fractale – 10

Oh yeah, kinda forgot about this stuff.  Moving right along…

There is a barrier that has prevented me from enjoying Fractale and, until now, I always thought it was because the show was wildly different from my initial expectations.  That’s true, no doubt, but it’s only a minor issue that’s only relevant to me.  The barrier instead is with Lost Millennium.  I never have enjoyed anything they’ve done and I feel that they’re an unnecessary distraction to the series.

I never understood Lost Millennium’s role in the story.  They first appeared as some incompetent group trying to kill/capture Phryne and failed with comedic results.  Now, we’re to expect that they’re able to take on the mightiest power in the entire world and potentially win?  And what was with that whole excursion in the third episode where they just killed random people and then had to hide from the temple?  If they were already powerful enough to take on the temple, why not launch their war earlier and destroy the Fractale system then?  I doubt I’ll understand what happened to their organization that caused them to become so vastly powerful in the course of a few episodes but whatever.  Lost Millennium was never really developed, so we can just assume they were always this strong and always this incompetent.

My chief complain with the characters of Lost Millennium was their lack of individuality and personality.  Enri wasted away her time always complaining about the ‘ecchiness’ about Clain which was never funny.  She was always a pain to watch whenever she was on-screen because you knew she was going to bring it up and that was the whole reason she was there in that scene.  Sunda was supposed to be some sort of gallant leader (who knew) but we never really saw him lead his faction.  Rather, he gave orders and then would be off-screen.  His cocky attitude was baseless and he never really added anything to the series aside from being a leader for their division.  I think the old guy would’ve been a better leader since he had animosity toward the Fractale system, its slaves, and doppels.  Everyone else in Lost Millennium was disposable, as they don’t really have any input into storyline, either.  And with the plot suddenly appearing and beginning to swiftly advance toward the end, I feel we will never see the full potential of Lost Millennium while they are piggybacking on the story that is Clain, Phryne, and Nessa.

I’ve been wondering if Lost Millennium’s role in Fractale was essential.  Sure, they were able to show Clain what life is like outside of the Fractale system, but that could’ve been done by non-militants who could coexist with those who were dependant on the Fractale system.  You know, someone who thinks that people should have the freedom to choose what they want to do instead of forcing everyone to do what they think is best.  Then Clain would’ve had the choice to stay within the Fractale system or to break free and live independently with his new, human friends.  That choice would have been nice to see Clain debate in his head and provide some insight to his character.  But no, we have Lost Millennium instead, who’d rather pants our hero than to give him moral and social issues.

I hope Lost Millennium blows up in the final episode.  I really do.

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