Freezing – 11

Freezing has finally returned to the expectation level I set for it after the first episode.  After spending most of the series slowly introducing the cast and involving them in a mismatched fight against Satellizer, the series is providing some purpose to the girls’ training and fighting by defending their school from certain invasion.  And what’s nice is that the cast is fully utilized and there’s plenty of action and ecchi to go around in these final episodes.

The first episode of Freezing set my expectations at a pretty high level with the action, the blood, and the fanservice.  Subsequent episodes failed to match that level of intensity and enjoyment but it introduced the cast and provided some entertainment.  Only until these past two episodes have I felt the series finally rebound.   Since the Nova invasion, the series has returned to being as engaging and fun as it was in the first episode.  What’s been a pleasant surprise about Freezing is that the characters are charming, the fights are fun to watch (for the most part), and the ecchi was never a real focus or distraction.  And now the story has been incorporated into all this, so it is even better.  Consider me one satisfied fan.

The eleventh episode of Freezing provided some actual purpose to the training, the schooling, and the fighting the girls have participated in at Genetics.  They were able to cooperate with each other and follow orders sent from their command to set up a proper defense.  The set of Atia, Arnett, Ingrid, and Cleo were front line defense, with Elizabeth in the middle, and Satellizer, Rana, and Ganessa as the final obstacle before reaching the target.  Being able to incorporate all the characters in the final episode against the invading Nova was expected but it was done in a much better way than I had anticipated.

Originally, I expected all the girls to be defeated and have Satellizer just do whatever and win it for everyone in the end, with or without Kazuya’s help.  The actual ending has a completely different storyline.  Here, we get to see each girl have some of their own individual screen-time against the Nova-infected students of East Genetics (I should’ve known the girls would be fighting other girls) which allows them a bit of purpose besides being another practice target for Satellizer.  It was nice to see them focus on something else besides their underclassmen.  We were even introduced to Elizabeth, the school’s second ranked fighter, who has a fairly unique Volt Weapon.  Kinda wish she was introduced earlier as a fighter instead of a bikini-less swimmer and Pandora Queen participant, but whatever.

All that’s left is a final episode.  We have yet to see Chiffon and Ticy in a prolonged battle, so I imagine we’ll see them fight sometime in the final episode.  There will also be some development between Satellizer and Kazuya where we see them become closer now after Satellizer got out of her depressed mood and began to understand Kazuya more.  I kinda feel bad for Rana.  Oh, and there’ll probably be some closure to this Nova invasion and the girls who were infected but that’s not important.  What’s important is seeing Chiffon in action.  Then Satellizer.  Then the plot.  I mean, it’s nice that the plot is being used in the story, but I’m happy to see all the girls fighting.  Fighting with a purpose is better than random fighting but Freezing is all about the battles and the brawls, so it’s nice to see the final several episodes devoted to this.

I actually had hoped that they’d spend some more time explaining the Novas, the Pandora power, the whole Freezing ability, and more about the mechanics of this world.  They were all unique topics to Freezing and learning more about them may have provided some more depth and substance to their setting.  But then again, time spent here would’ve taken away from the characters and the skirmishes, so I guess they had to plan their time wisely.  Maybe if Freezing were a 24 episode anime, they could’ve done that but, alas, Freezing is only 12 episodes.  I’ll be keeping my eyes out for a second season should this first season prove to be popular enough.

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