Needless – Chapter 90

Chapter 90 begins the new arc, titled “City”.  Will Blade and company finally go to the City to learn the secrets behind the Adam Project and Triple Six?

This chapter returns to a more familiar style of Needless with the group slowly returning to normal and with the heavy onslaught of comedy.  Blade and Disk made the beginning of the chapter highly amusing, especially since they’ve been absent for so long.  Things haven’t changed one bit with those two.  It’s also nice to finally see Eve healthy and able again (hopefully she’ll be in some fights) and Mio’s back as well.  There was also the return of fanservice, especially heavy in this chapter with the return of so many girls and Cruz still in the Girl Squad uniform.  I wonder if this was to make up for the previous arc or if the next few chapters will have fewer ecchi shots and focus more on the story at hand.

As for the story, Disk finally goes into detail about what she saw back at the Simeon Building in the underground laboratory.  Compounded with the fact that Ishiyama invited Blade to come to the City to see Arclight and learn about the Adam Projects, it shows that the following chapters will be answering a majority of mysteries revolving around everything that’s happened.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens next, especially with the way this one ended.


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