[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – 2

You know, those Entrepreneurs in the Financial District aren’t so different from you or me.  Sure, they inhabit some uncompromisingly red world and battle each other weekly with human-shaped creatures.  But I noticed something more.  What I found interesting was that everyone in the Financial District was doing the same thing that all of us were doing.

All those Entrepreneurs were just sitting around watching some rather insignificant battle between a young novice and a rather veteran fighter.  Not exactly must-see-TV but it is somewhat noteworthy that all those people were paying attention to that battle.  But it makes sense.  That battle affects them, just like it affects us.  Maybe they know that this battle will somehow influence their finances through whatever ripples this brawl produces in their fiscal world.  And it concerns us since we’re watching, maybe even cheering for and supporting, our protagonist Kimimaro as he is introduced to his Asset, Mysu, and partakes in his first Deal.

I figured the Financial District would be full of confidence businesspersons, at computers or walking around with headsets, actively dealing money like what we imagine the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to be on an typical day.  But no, they’re just lying around, watching the ticker go by like some helplessly jaded teenager staring at some financial channel.  It’s not objectionable.  It’s just not what I expected.

It’ll be exciting to see what else happens in the Financial District.  We’ve only seen one feature of the Financial District and those are the skirmishes between those money-consuming creatures.  I want to see people try to make trades or form alliances or backstab each other like what goes on in the real world.  The information broker we saw talking to Mikuni, Taketazaki, might play a pivotal role in the series by dealing information to the right people.  Should be interesting to see if there are any other specialists who roam around the Financial District looking for some easy cash.

Furthermore, I’m curious about the Assets.  I wonder if the Assets do anything else besides train physically while their masters are away in the real world.  Do they know other Assets?  At the end, when Mikuni was sharing a coffee with Kimimaro (if he can’t get a drink with the girl he likes, might as well have one with the guy who helps him out, right?) it seemed there was some reaction between Mysu and Q.  And they’re both similar looking although their personalities are not.  I’d like to see Assets interact with each other rather than just solely to their owner.  Hopefully we find out soon but Kimimaro needs to stay in the Financial District for us to find out.

And since all the points of this post have been about the things in the Financial District, why not finish it off with another related topic?

Does the structure of the Financial District bother anyone else?  There’s been several comments about the overpowering redness of it all but those emotionless, white buildings that populate the floor are what bother me.  That city serves no functional purpose aside from obstacles to be toppled during a Deal.  It’s not like people live in them nor do business in them.  Additionally, people aren’t walking around down there unless they’re in the middle of a Deal.  Instead, I see them as buildings that have been abandoned, like a ghost town where the higher-ups of society duel.  And more than that, they all have that same generic architecture.  I’ll keep my eyes out to see if the structure of the Financial District holds any significant symbolism because I’m engrossed in the purpose behind those pale, indistinguishable buildings.  But for now, I think they’re just adding texture to an otherwise bleak and red world.


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  1. #1 by Dakxter on January 5, 2012 - 9:30 PM

    err when one thinks of a financial district they think of skyscrapers and wall street

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