Steins;Gate – 4

Taking a break from the developing mystery and the actual experimentation with time-travel, the fourth episode of Steins;Gate circles back to spend plenty of time with probably the most charming character in the series, Makise Kurisu.  While Hououin Kyouma shoulders the responsibility of the comedy in the series, it seems Kurisu bears the same responsibility but with the plot replacing the laughs.  I’m still a little hesitant on the story and the mechanics of time-travel in Steins;Gate but I rather enjoyed the story surrounding Kurisu and am excited about its future potential.

Of the eight major characters in Steins;Gate, Kurisu is the most versatile.  She’s intelligent, respectful, and compassionate when around people who don’t establish themselves as mad scientists.  She also does well in exchanges with Kyouma, providing some laughs or setting up others.  In addition to that, she also seems to have the most intriguing back-story, with hints brought up at the laundry, regarding her father and the path she’s taken in science.  That’s not to say I’m not interested in why Mayuri is reaching for the stars but Kurisu’s seems more relevant.  I hope to see Kurisu interact with more people soon, especially the stranger ones like Moeka (I’m sure we’ll see her now that the IBN 5100 has been found) and Faris Nyannyan.

While on the topic of characters I’m growing to like, you can throw Faris into the mix, too.  Nekomimi has always been a relatively strong weakness of mine and compounding that with the maid outfit and the constant ‘nya’-ing, I knew I’d be engrossed by her appearance more than anything else she would do in the anime.  I mean, when you look at her, you figure she’ll be a shallow character whose purpose is to attract brainless drones (like myself) to watch the anime solely for the delightful cat ears and non-ecchi maid outfit.

But the way she compliments Kyouma’s character is nothing short of fun.  She role-plays in his world purrfectly (you hate me now, don’t you?) and makes for some rather amusing scenes.  The way they bring up completely arbitrary and irrelevant stuff and act like it is commonplace shows how well Faris is as an actress (and how insane Kyouma is as a person).  I’m a bit curious to see what role she’ll play in the grand scheme of it all since all her scenes to date have been trivial to the storyline.  Maybe when she’s outside the maid café, she’s normal and I’ll lose interest in her has substantial interactions with the other cast members.  Hopefully she’s meaningful to the story, but until we unearth more of this mystery, it’s hard to tell at this point.

One thing that seems to have been forgotten was the initial mystery set up in the first episode.  That is, who killed Kurisu?  She was stabbed and left to die moments after her back-and-forth with Kyouma in the original timeline.  In fact, it was one of the connecting points between Kyouma and Kurisu when they met in the second episode and the reason Kurisu visited the lab in the third episode.  But as the anime has progressed, that scene has faded in our memories.  There were a handful of other mysteries in that first episode but the Kurisu one seemed to be the most central to the story.  I’m wondering when we’ll learn more about who did the crime and why.  But I guess that stuff is meant for later.


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