[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – 4

The influence and effects Deals have in the real world are startling.  Within the matter of seconds, someone’s lifetime achievements and successes will become nothing more than fond memories as a result of a single Deal.  But that’s what happens when you gamble with your future in the Financial District.

The fourth episode of C pointed out the devastating nature of bankruptcy.  Not only do you lose the money you have in the Financial District but you also lose your future.  All that effort put towards a better life is at risk every time a Deal is made.  Whether it’s your donut shop changing to a taiyaki shop (thankfully that question was answered rather quickly) or your family of soon-to-be three children suddenly disappearing, everything will change once you go bankrupt.  And it seems Kimimaro understands that, with him chasing down his professor, Ebara, and finding out what happens when one loses their future.  You literally lose everything.  It’s that overwhelming effect that makes every Deal from here on out all the more appealing.

You can’t help but wonder what would happen if any of our three Entrepreneurs went bankrupt.  What would happen to Kimimaro’s life should he become bankrupt and banished the painfully red world known at the Financial District?  Not much, probably, since he hasn’t build up his future yet, but something would happen.  What about Jennifer?  It’d be noteworthy to see what would happen to her since she mainly watches Deals rather than participating in them.  I’m sure others within her organization have gone bankrupt in different Financial Districts, so what effect do they have in the investigation?  And Mikuni?  With all the economic power he wields, what effect would he have?  It’d be remarkable if he ever went bankrupt (although that depends on how the story goes) since his effects would be the greatest of any Entre, especially considering his purpose is to minimize these effects.  Oh, and let’s not forget the lovable Assets.  What happens to those who lose their masters?  Do they simply cease to exist?

And while these Deals are becoming more significant to the story, they’re also becoming more complex.  Specifically now with stocks and investments manipulating one’s Asset, like what happened to Msyu during the fight against Ebara.  Part of me is starting to lose interest in trying to comprehend what’s going on with the battles besides Assets fighting against each other and Entres coughing black money rather than blood (much cooler that way, I think).  Maybe they’ll spend some more time explaining the mechanics if it is vital to the story but I doubt it.  The most important thing seems to be the outcome.  Still, the Deals are entertaining to watch, and I’m eager to see what Q will do when she finally fights.

The visit to Ebara’s house was rather disturbing.  At first, it was just a simple house, just a little darker than usual, although it was dusk.  But you realize it isn’t normal at all when you see the vision of a small girl, at the base of the stairs, just staring at Kimimaro as he walks away.  The same thing happens a moment later, but with a young boy this time.  They’re obviously the ghosts of Ebara’s children but you find out something even worse when his wife joins the two men.  You find out they never even exists in the first place.  Wow, now that’s a shock and a little unsettling.  No one will ever remember those children except for Ebara and Kimimaro.  And that’s all due to the result of their Deal in the Financial District.  Remember, though, it wasn’t supposed to end that way, with Ebara having the upper-hand until Mikuni used his financial power to influence the battle in Kimimaro’s favor.

But what made that scene was the atmosphere.  The lighting affect helped uphold the darkness of Ebara’s home, with the light coming from behind closed shades or peaking through the open door.  To facilitate the mood of the scene, the house was completely devoid of any family life.  It was entirely vacant, showing the life of a man who had become bankrupt in the Financial District.  It created an uneasy feeling.  And the haunting kids just added that eerie feeling, too.  But the atmosphere was right, especially for such a major scene.  It was revealed just what happens when you go bankrupt and allowed Kimimaro to actually think about his future, the object he is gambling with.

The following scene with the excavators in the background, clearing the rubble, was a thoughtful conclusion to the home-visit.  The symbolism of clearing out the old structure to make room for something new was used to show Ebara passing off his wisdom to the younger successor.  You see the theme of redevelopment many times in anime but this scene felt rather appropriate.  You can tell Ebara will be gone, much like the demolished building, but someone with more potential will be taking his place.  Although they already have different ideals and philosophies, Kimimaro will take something from meeting with his professor like this and hopefully use this to create a brighter future for himself.  Just what that future is, exactly, isn’t known for sure.

And while a majority of this post has been about Deals affecting the real world, I do wonder what Msyu thinks about all this.  Does she care about what’s happening in the real world as a result of these deals or does she only care about getting stronger and earning more money?  She seemed awe-struck with how Mikuni won the Deal, but did she know he did it that way to minimize changes in the real world?  Perhaps she only cares about the Deals themselves, who wins, who loses, and the exchange of money that results.  It certainly seems that way and it’ll be interesting to see what happens between Kimimaro and Msyu should they discuss this before their next Deal.

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