Steins;Gate – 6

Apparently Moeka has plans for the IBN 5100.  This explains her hunt for the rare computer but what exactly does she need with it?  At this point, we can only guess.  And if you add that to the mixing bowl already populated with other mysteries like Suzuha’s past (or future it seems), and Mayuri’s strange stargazing-behavior among various others, you soon realize we’re getting into a plot that’s bigger than it appears.

But what prevents Steins;Gate from breaking off and having numerous separate storylines is that they all share a common element.  They all point back to Okabe in one way or another.  All these stories involving his friends are revolving around him, despite him being unaware sometimes to what really is going on.  But everyone is connected to him whether they like it or not.  He’s what keeps everything in the story together, blending it nicely into an increasingly fascinating anime.  In the mixing bowl analogy above, he’d be the spoon that helps integrate everyone’s storyline into one central plot.

For Moeka, Okarin is currently the owner of the computer she wants, so her story pretty much needs to include him.  Additionally, her only contact with any other character in the series is Okarin but only because she knows his mailing address.  With the lab members in the room, there’s bound to be some conversation and maybe some development on her unusually withdrawn persona.  Her phobia of communicating with people using her voice will be put to the test when Mayuri tries to befriend her.  I can’t wait.

While Suzuha is not pursuing her goals actively, at least not visibly to us, her past is definitely a point of interest.  Her behavior toward Kurisu was questioned by Kyouma, despite Kurisu not knowing who Suzuha is.  Not only that but her behavior toward common things, like fireworks and gyuudon raises even more questions.  It seems Kyouma is the only one interested in her, so it only makes sense that she is connected to him.  But since she really hasn’t been the focal point of any episodes thus far, we can only wait until perhaps Kyouma begins asking some questions.

Mayuri’s infrequent but baffling behavior really hasn’t been discussed at all, either.  We’ve seen it a few times already where she reaches toward the heavens with right hand and stares intently at the sky.  There hasn’t been much development on this end, despite Okarin remembering it during a flashback in the graveyard.  To be honest, we hardly know anything about her character, too, and her true relationship with Okarin.  However, it’ll only be a matter of time before we learn more about Mayuri and her bizarre habit.

And if you add in the other characters, Kurisu, Itaru, Ruka, and Faris, they all point back to Okabe.  And while everyone isn’t involved in their own personal mysteries, they are taking an active role in some way toward someone else’s.  It was Ruka who indirectly helped Moeka find the IBN 5100, although the two have never met and likely would have a difficult time having a conversation between each other.  And when more interpersonal connections are made, I’m sure more characters will find roles to play in solving another’s mystery or helping out in their story someway.  But for now, everything goes back to Okabe.  His presence in everyone’s story is not likely to diminish but it may take different forms depending on how the story progresses.  It’ll be interesting to see what everyone does as the story continues to develop.

The whole “Okabe-talks-on-his-cell-phone-to-no-one” joke will never get tired.  I absolutely love all these jokes, even after six episodes, they still work.  I just wonder who exactly he is talking to.  Is it some assistant who works for his lab that he’s never met or maybe an old acquaintance also battling against the menacing organization out to get Okabe?  And are these scenes eerie foreshadows of future events where communication is essential in order to foil the pursuing agency?  Well, whatever, I just can’t wait to see him talk like that and turn out he just received a call from someone outside his circle of friends, like Mr. Braun or actually SERN itself.


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