[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – 5

There are just some concepts and ideas that I will never understand in C.  Trying to apply real world logic, and even anime logic, gets me nowhere besides having to deal with headache-inducing levels of confusion.  There is just some disconnect when trying to arrange the whole tango between futures, black money, Deals, and the overall effects on reality.  And while I don’t understand everything completely, I am having no trouble following the story.

Even without having a firm grasp on certain key concepts presented in C, you can comprehend what’s going on with the story.  The main reason behind this explanation is due to the characters.  You can relate to these characters, like Kimimaro, Mikuni, and even Msyu, rather than some of the fantasy mechanics that govern over the Financial District and the real world.  Having these understandable characters allows us to follow their thoughts and give reason to their actions.  It’s what makes sense in the story so far.

Has anyone else realized that the only choices for Assets are either attractive, young women or arbitrary, inorganic beings?  Of course, there are a few exceptions to this rule but it appears to be a pretty discrete variety, either you’re given a little imp girl or a polygonal snake.  We should be thankful Kimimaro was paired with Msyu or else we’d be in for a rather unconventional relationship here.  How different would the series be if Kimimaro were providing instant ramen to a brick wall instead of some scantily-dressed fire-girl?

But aside from the question about their forms, I do like the Assets.  I don’t care for the Deals themselves but I like the Assets and would like to see them do more than just battle each other every week.  Right now, they just kinda float around and follow their master, occasionally responding to them when prompted.  They have personalities which provide some flavor to their conversations and they’re capable of so much more.  Or maybe I’m just too use to Msyu and Q to realize other Assets are mute and uneventful.  I’d love to learn more about them but I have a feeling it won’t be until the end when we learn about the true nature of the Financial District.  Even then, I’ll be pleased to learn more about one of my favorite aspects of this anime.

Perhaps soon we’ll learn more about Hanabi’s role in the story.  She seems to be destined for something more significant than just being Kimimaro’s love interest or clueless friend in the real world.  Maybe she’s also an Entrepreneur in the Financial District with a powerful Asset?  Or maybe the more Kimimaro loses, the more she begins to drift away, resulting in Kimimaro ditching the Guild, earning more money and thus, a better future, and getting Hanabi in the end.  Or maybe she will be inconsequential to the whole story.  Who knows at this point?  It just, so far, her role seems rather undervalued with her relationship with Kimiaro.

I wonder when we’ll see Masakaki again.  It seems odd that he never appeared once in this episode after playing such a major role in many of the previous ones.  He certainly provided a different zest to the series, with his eccentric behavior and amusing lines.  There’s still quite a mystery surrounding his character and the Financial District he belongs to, so maybe we’ll learn more about him sometime soon.  If not, hopefully he’ll be on screen to make things more entertaining.  Just as long as he’s not in that awful 3-D rendition and in the traditional 2-D style.

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