Needless – Chapter 91

We continue on with the second chapter of the City arc.  What new dangers are waiting for Blade and company in the City?  And it’s the return of a familiar face!

For a change of pace, this chapter follows Blade rather than Cruz.  The chapter starts with the entrance of Blade, Eve, Disk, Seto, and Solva into the City by blowing past the Gatekeepers.  The unfair fight between the powerful Needlesses against the mismatched humans was ideal.  It is fun to see them just have their way with their opponents and there won’t be many more fights like there where one side completely overpowers the other.  Having that there to start the chapter really sets the mood for the rest of the arc.

The City looks amazing.  There were only two complete views of the cityscape, one at street-level and another of the skyline, but both were highly detailed.  It’s a complete change of setting from a barren landscape with rubble and collapsed buildings to a clean and organized utopia of lights and structure.  The new and futuristic look of the buildings really contrasts to everything you see in Blackspot.  I am hoping to see more, especially since we’ve been in the Blackspot for about 90 chapters.

As for the dangers and the familiar face, both can be answered by the return of Arclight, along with Riru.  Pair those two with Saten and Ishiyama, and you’ve got quite the adversary in the City.  I just wonder how long they’ll work together since it seems they have all seem to have different agendas.  Saten here is the wildcard, seemingly working together with everyone but secretly doing something else, like in the previous arc.  Should be interesting to see what those four are planning, both together and individually.

Cruz and Mio appeared on the first page, which is always nice to see.  They make a really cute pair and I hope to see them together again soon.  Oh and in case you forgot, Needless can be pretty gory.  Wondering if we’ll see more of that soon.


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