Dog Days – 8

Here’s hoping that the demons Noir was not so subtlety foreshadowing in this episode completely change the series from a light-hearted adventure into something suspenseful and serious.

Dog Days provided some foreshadowing of future events in the most obvious and, because it was so direct, somewhat irritating way possible.  On the road to the battlegrounds, Noir brought up the topic of potential demons ahead, scaring her comrades Jaune and Vert and being snubbed by Godwin.  In the lines of the Biscotti army, Brioche and Yuikikaze had a similar discussion, worrying about the possibilities of demons showing up.  Knowing how foreshadowing works and taking into account the simplicity of this anime, we’re bound to see demons show up sometime soon in this anime, whenever something dire is occurring.  But does the foreshadowing of demons mean something deeper?

To be honest, I’m fine with demons showing up because then a new common enemy of Biscotti and Galette will appear, allowing them to work together to further strengthen their friendship.  That should be expected.  Moreover, I believe that the arrival of demons will allow tension and reality to build up, since character can finally be harmed or even killed, and lead to something thrilling and dynamic.  But will the arrival of these frightening creatures really dispel the light-hearted nature of this anime?  One reason to guess not is that Dog Days will use demons to rekindle the friendship of these two nations.  The demons will abruptly halt the war and cause both armies to direct their attention to an actual threat.  Once that is over, they’ll wonder if it makes sense to continue their war, say it is not because they’re better friends now, and then have some celebratory party to commemorate the friendship.  However, that’s assuming there are no twists in this anime.  What if the demons brought with them some seriousness that has been virtually absent in this anime?

Being in an area where the protective magic is the thinnest and professionals at bringing calamity and catastrophe to citizens of adorable doggy/kitty nations, these demons can twist the nature of the anime into something shadowy and depressing.  We’ve seen pools of blood in Leonmichelle’s star gazing, so we know there is some seriousness about future events.  But will the demons be able to go the extra mile and create some frightening situations?  Will there be more blood, casualties, and even death?  I feel that the anime will change, not to the degree of death, but that there will be casualties and blood and a serious tone will be predominant.  However, it depends on when the demons appear and the duration they have in the anime.  If they’re a rushed story point, then no, they won’t be meaningful in anyway besides the points described in the previous paragraph.  But if they are around for an episode or two, then I think we’ll see something unique to this anime.  It will be interesting to see how the demons are used here in Dog Days.

Ever wonder what kind of offspring would be produced between a citizen of Biscotti and Galette?  Which animal traits would be dominant, the doggy characteristics or the cat ones?  Would they begin to blend, being part-dog and part-cat?  Since it appears each nation only has one-type of citizen, all dog or all cat (except Vert, somehow), how would these children be accepted in society?  I doubt these issues would ever be raised in the anime but they’re fun to think about.


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