[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – 10

Despite all the seriousness, zeal, and intensity these final Deals are displaying, I can’t help but feel that the Deals still look way too silly.

Considering the factual topics and grave outcomes that [C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control has dexterously integrated into its story, you’d think that this series would find a way around using these senseless Deals as the most pivotal point in the series.  I had always imagined the finale involving a thoughtful debate or discussion over how to solve the nation’s catastrophe.  That’d still be interesting, especially with the same passion these characters have right now.  Instead, we continue on with watching some fantasy creatures use their super powers as an parallel of companies and futures and demons and whatever other symbolism exist that have yet to be unearthed.

And while you will find I still unapproved of Deals in general, I will admit these are, without a doubt, much better than all previous battles.  The Deals in this episode, particularly the one between Jennifer and Mikuni, far exceeded my expectations.  Not only were they visually entertaining and stimulating but they maintained the intensity that had built up throughout the episode and passed it onto the next like a flawless baton pass in a relay race.  And that’s including Q’s underwhelming Cannibalization (was expecting her to go hyper, fly around, and rip the limbs off the targeted Asset).

But still, even though these were my favorite Deals in the entire series, I feel they don’t do the series justice.  With its careful level of detail and oversaturated symbolism, you’d figure these battles would be done through other, more intellectual means or through careful play and manipulation of stocks and businesses.  Watching these monsters brawl feels childish, like it is the only aspect of the series that failed to mature when the anime became a reality.  Nevertheless, they are an unforgettable characteristic of the anime and while I may continue to bash it due to its irregular fit into the anime, I fail to deliver a serious counter to replace these battles with something more appropriate and meaningful.

There’s one thing about C I don’t understand.  Mikuni’s actions and purpose are to save the present and he’s doing so at the expense of the future.  However, just look at the present that Mikuni’s tried to save.  It’s desolate, impoverished, and frightening.  That does not look like the present that Mikuni expected to save and with no future available, there’s no improvement.  So Mikuni’s actions screwed over both the present and the future.

So what if Kimimaro does what he wants to save the future at the expense of the present?  Will it correct both or will the present continue to suffer but show signs of progress like what Jennifer and Kimimaro suggest?  It’s difficult to tell what will happen because Mikuni’s plan failed to save the present and the future and Kimimaro’s plan seems to only benefit the future, allowing C to devastate the already crippled economy.  It’s a shame we will only see one of the several possible outcomes of C since there are so many possibilities and factors to contemplate when considering the finale of this anime.  I’m sure the next episode will not disappoint.

The tenth episode of C showed some of the best animation and art work all season.  Now I realize there’s a dip in production qualities during the middle of the season in most TV anime, saving the best for the beginning and the end, so this should be no surprise but the quality was noticeable, at least to me.  My feeling for C’s animation and art navigated various hills and valleys over the course of the season, showcasing points of both applause and embarrassment.  But this episode had beautiful artwork and fluid animation or at least something much better than a majority of the season.


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