Needless – Chapter 92

Let the battles begin!  With Blade and company already in the middle of the City, it doesn’t take long before someone powerful notices and takes action.  And we get an update on Cruz and what he plans on doing now that he’s all alone.

Chapter 92 of Needless began with the special color pages, one of Cruz’s nightmare and another two of the female cast, plus Cruz, dressed in very revealing armors and equipped with fancy weapons.  To have that nightmare colored was unexpected, especially since we did not see Cruz at all in the last chapter, but great way to start the chapter with possible foreshadowing.  Kinda sad to think that next color pages will be out in January of 2012 but at least they were better than the ones that started chapter 85 last November.

While on the topic of Cruz, his sequence of thoughts after waking up seemed to reflect upon his old personality of feeling completely needless in the given situation.  Fortunately, we see how much Cruz has grown as a person, by confidently going through the destroyed gate and trying to follow Blade despite seeing someone killed moments earlier.  Cruz’s development from a dependent, insignificant, and frightened character to the one that stands before us is one of my most favorite aspects of Needless.  And it’s not like he’s solved all his problems either, he still doubts himself when thinking about Blade but at least he acts now and still is exceptionally intelligent and thoughtful.  It’s a shame more characters haven’t been developed like Cruz but then who knows how long Needless would be if that were to happen.  I am extremely pleased with what Cruz did in this chapter.

The other half of the chapter focused on Blade and company traveling across the City and beginning two fights.  Apparently Disk is strong enough to fight with a police chief Half near the entrance to the City, but the fight seems to be almost over, and probably will be when Cruz catches up to Disk.  The second is quite the mystery though.  A familiar face decides to drop by and show everyone their newly obtained strength.  And if anyone doubted, they certainly know it now after that first attack against Eve.  Also, Needless likes to end its chapters with some pretty menacing and terrifying scenes but this one is probably the creepiest.

The comedy was strong in this chapter, most notably Disk’s attack, Cruz’s request from the gatekeeper, Solva’s clever Magnetic World, and Blade talking about the value of having ‘friends’.  I figured the comedy would be greatly reduced during this arc but it seems to have picked up recently.  In fact, I feel that the whole Eve Story arc was more serious than this one.  There also seemed to be an increase in the number of ecchi shots, too, pretty much featuring a panty shot from everyone but Blade (duh) and Solva (also duh).  Guess the comedy and ecchi won’t be fading any time soon, especially if a certain trio makes their appearance in the upcoming chapter.  One can only hope.


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