Dog Days – 13 (Finale)

I was close.  Just mixed up the timing of some of those events and I would’ve accurately predicted the finale of Dog Days.  That’s good news because I’m feeling lucky and I think I’ll throw out another prediction.  What the next season of Dog Days will be like.

I hope it is as clear to you as it is to me that there will be a second season of Dog Days.  If the importance of returning to Flonyard these past few episodes and discussion about summer vacation being the ideal time to return weren’t enough, the discovery and understanding of how to return Shinku to Flonyard should be more than enough reason to believe a second season will appear sometime in the future.  The finale probably would’ve advertised the airing date of the next season, if it knew when it would be, and probably will be announced sometime after seeing how well the anime sells and where the priorities are of this series.

And like I mentioned earlier, I might as well predict the next season of Dog Days while I’m on a roll, albeit a rocky one.

The next season of Dog Days will begin around the start of summer vacation when Shinku, Becky, and Shinku’s rival-relative, Nanami, all go to Flonyard.  There will be a problem facing both the nations of Biscotti and Galette, either it being demons returning or something related to the lack of spiritual power around their world, and require Shinku to become the hero again and fight whatever needs to be fought.  Becky will likely just be there for romantic tension between her, Millhiore, and Eclair, and is unlikely to see any action but is expected to be captured and need rescuing or something.  Nanami, being Shinku’s rival, will likely be paired up with Leonmichelle and the nation of Galette, therefore allowing Shinku to compete against his rival while still having her be close and in a friendly nation.  And with her cheerful, energetic, and athletic personality, she’s probably a better fit for Galette (especially with Gaul) than Shinku is with Biscotti.

As for the cute-eared characters, I expect maybe some updated costumes but for them to retain similar roles.  We’ll see more of their true strength and personalities, such as Leonmichelle being honest with herself and others more, but nothing major.  Obviously they’ll be busy at war with whatever new forces are menacing the world or trying to resolve the energy issue that may have been caused by their playful wars and overuse of their special swords.  Either way, the second season of Dog Days will continue where this one left off for the characters in Flonyard but feature new adventures for Shinku, Becky, and Nanami.

And yeah, that’s as far as I’ll go.  Sure, I’m playing it safe with that minimally detailed description but doing anything more would likely be impossible to predict.  Why’s that?  Well, that’s because everything in my prediction is directly taken from foreshadowing throughout the end of Dog Days.  Of course, some details may be off in that prediction, but it’s the same way I predicted this finale and was almost correct.  Using the same technique again should yield a similar result, so that’s why I feel I already know the plot to the next season of Dog Days.  Do I know it exactly?  No, of course not.  Would I watch the second season anyways?  Duh, this was a great show (that did have some flaws) that was entertaining and worthwhile.

The finale, itself, was satisfactory: nothing too exciting but it achieved what it set out to do.  The first half of the episode was solemn and a bit sad, with Rico still researching a way to bring Shinku back and Shinku going to the ceremony with Eclair.  Once there, there is a bittersweet conversation between Shinku and Millhiore before Shinku is eventually taken back to Japan.  There, our young hero struggled to draw back the memories of his times in Flonyard.  Yet, he has the strong feeling that he should know something, something both fun and sad.  It is then when Noir brings Rico some books from Galette’s library which conveniently has the instructions on resummoning which was, even more conveniently already performed by Shinku.  On top of that, by sending his ring back to Shinku in Japan, he was able to regain his memories of Flonyard, thus leaving us with a happy ending to Dog Days.

Aside from the brief scene where Millhiore reached out and stopped Shinku from leaving temporarily, nothing exciting happened in the ending.  The whole episode seemed content on wrapping up its story while laying the foundation and plans set up well for the next.  The series ended on a positive note, with everyone optimistic for Shinku’s return to Flonyard and, unknown to most, with his friend, Becky, and rival, Nanami.  There really isn’t a whole lot to say beside that.  I suppose I could talk about the season as a whole but I leave that up to my season review, hopefully up later this week.  Oh, there is one more thing…

Those rules on summoning/returning/resummoning are beyond stupid and definitely my least favorite part of Dog Days.  How exactly do they know everything already?  If they’ve had trouble resummoning people back from other planets, how do they know they lose their memories and can’t take anything back with them?  Why do they have these day limits where it can only happen in a certain time frame?  Do the spirits that authorize summons suddenly stop and say “nope, you needed to follow our guidelines next time” and halt all summons thereafter?  And why do you have to promise three people you’re coming back, leave something with them, and then write in that incomprehensible language both the same of the summoner and hero and say they’ll be back?  Who’s keeping track of all that and why do they need to?  It’s completely stupid is what it is.  There’s no need for these things to be in place, unless this was their plan on creating a bittersweet and heartwarming farewell to send Shinku back.  That’s the only thing I can think of but why did they have all these dumb rules set up in order for such an event?  Couldn’t the writers have done something simpler and believable?  It ruined parts of the ending for me for being so illogical and uncompromising.  I’m wondering how others felt about that.  Am I alone in thinking that those rules were thoughtless or are there others who share similar thoughts on how the series created drama in the final episodes?


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  1. #1 by tomphile on June 27, 2011 - 4:00 PM

    I might sound like a hater but, I really hope there isn’t a second season to this anime. I know a few people in the blogosphere enjoyed it, but I found it droll and boring.

    • #2 by avvesione on June 27, 2011 - 5:21 PM

      Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy it. I tried to convince some other friends to watch it and they had the same complaints you had about it being boring. I’m wondering how many people felt that way over the course of the series, now.

      And while I’m confident they wrote Dog Days with at least 2 seasons in mind, who knows when the second season would come around. If it doesn’t sell well, they might just scrap the series instead of devoting their resources into something people don’t like. I’m going to pay attention to the BD/DVD sells because that’s probably the best indicator of a second season or not. I’m hoping they’re will be a second season, soon, since I always feel that way whenever I finish an anime (unless it’s one I hate).

  2. #3 by olexijl on June 28, 2011 - 7:57 AM


    After seeing first episode i had a feeling, this anime is for kids 13 – 14 ages, not for teens or adults. This feeling i have now too, (i am 33), but after every more episode i enjoyed the play even more.

    After beeing able to view the final episode i conclude, this was fun. But i have really some logical problems with the rules here. (you are right at this point)

    If you saw an anime made you sad, this is a good reboot!

    • #4 by avvesione on June 28, 2011 - 6:53 PM

      Glad to see you enjoyed the anime. I think you’re right that this anime was aimed at a younger audience than most of us, considering the story, characters, and battles (no one died, which is always a sign of a younger target audience). But I don’t think you have to be young to have enjoy watching Dog Days, it’s a pretty simple series that puts ‘fun’ as its top priority.

      • #5 by Henry Marte on July 5, 2011 - 6:45 PM

        i agree but sometimes i dont like it when they watch it just makes the shows look like were idiots

    • #6 by Silver on June 29, 2011 - 12:33 AM

      I agree with you too. Although… is the fanservice really aims at that age too? I feel that the show is aiming at a younger audience just like you and awesione said but the fanservice sometimes make it feel different. However the fanservice is rather tame compared to many other series.

      But yes I also totally agree with awesione. Dog Days is all about fun and being able to relax and I think that it achieves that goal.

      • #7 by avvesione on June 29, 2011 - 10:16 AM

        I think the fanservice was aimed at the target audience, mainly since those scenes were used for comedy more than anything else. They weren’t blatant ecchi scenes, like those anime where they point the camera at the girl’s panties for a whole shot, which is intended for an older audience obviously. Instead, the fanservice here had the girl quickly lose her clothes (due to an attack) and then feel embarrassed about it, rather than focus on her body or anything of that nature, which should be fine for a younger audience like this.

  3. #8 by Silver on June 28, 2011 - 3:01 PM

    I actually enjoyed it a lot. Actually on Animesuki, out of all the current show this season, Dog Days have the most amount of posts and although the average score is all around 7/10, most people enjoyed it so I hope the DVD/BD sales are good. Besides, how do you generally find information on BD/DVD sales? I don’t know a good source to finding that information to find how well a show does.

    • #9 by avvesione on June 28, 2011 - 6:57 PM

      Didn’t realize it was one of the most popular shows on Animesuki, a forum I frequent (although almost exclusively in the Needless manga thread). Should drop by the anime section again to see what’s going on.

      I’m actually pretty passive when looking up BD/DVD sells and most often, I get my news from Washi’s Blog ( through his daily updates. If need be, I just look around various Japanese anime/otaku news sites and try to find any information I can. It’s much more difficult and time consuming, which is why I’m usually passive about searching BD/DVD sells.

      • #10 by Silver on June 29, 2011 - 12:31 AM

        Just to be clear. I mean out of all the current series in spring 2011, it’s the most popular on Animesuki in terms of the sheer amount of posts. When you wrote “it was one of the most popular shows on Animesuki” I was like “WOW REALLY?!?!” And almost went into prancing mode haha.

        Needless? Haha I definitely understand you. I’m considered a senior member on animesuki (join in 2005) and I only have around 200 posts and that’s mainly because I tend to hang around only a few anime threads (even though I watched a lot and enjoyed a lot of anime). Also I love your cute Needless avatar.

        About BD/DVD sales. You are right it sure is time consuming. I somehow stumbled upon those information after quite a lot of searching and trying to understand those values is also a lot of work as they were talking about a lot of things.

        • #11 by avvesione on June 29, 2011 - 10:20 AM

          Sorry, I worded that poorly. Still, it’s popular, which is always a good sign. And thanks for the comment on my avatar.

          Also, for the BD/DVD sales, I think we’ll have to wait until the end of summer-ish to have a good idea of how well Dog Days did. First volume comes out near the end of July, so the first week of data will be August at the earliest.

  4. #12 by Bitdragon on June 28, 2011 - 7:07 PM

    I hate to nay say the naysayers! As someone who is not fond of kiddie magical girl shows that are directed at early teens by the way (for those of you older people who watch them), I find this show to be well thought out and interestingly fresh. By the way, I’m a 47 year old with picky anime tastes like a lot of you. This anime was not done off of some manga or other printed media, so there was no predestined script to have to follow in this case. I feel that the ending leaves a huge hole that needs to be filled with at least a second season. Avvsione, you have a good feeling for the next seasons possible flow. Here’s something to note: Why would they even leave such an opening (the Hero’s return is already shown in every ending by the way) unless there was already plans to a possible second offering? Let’s just hope that the DVD’s sell well. I’ll be in the front of the line if they are sold here in the US subbed!

  5. #13 by Bitdragon on June 28, 2011 - 7:26 PM

    I thought I would add another note about the return dilemma: If you remember, the Princess has the ability to espy on the other world. Why couldn’t others in the past do this as well? That would explain how they know about the memory loss and simple trial and error would explain the needed time of return. Here’s a thought: Maybe it takes that long for the energy to be accumulated enough to reactivate a larger portal? On another note, the magical force that turns them into helpless animals during battle isn’t everywhere, as is said in a couple of episodes. It’s just where that magic is found in more populated areas.
    I’ll leave it at that!

    • #14 by avvesione on June 28, 2011 - 8:42 PM

      I think the openness of the finale of Dog Days is a good sign for people who want to see another season. Hopefully the next season has a larger animation budget so they can improve their battle sequences, especially if they’re fighting demons due to a decrease in that magic or whatever.

      And you’re right about that. The characters still have the ability to spy on other worlds, thus allowing them to know that they cannot carry items back home and that they suffer from memory loss. I thought that up, too, after writing this post but never brought it up, so thanks for mentioning it here. I doubt they’ll ever fully explain why they have such specific dilemmas revolving around summoning (since that doesn’t seem like a priority of this anime) but I like your idea about needing to regenerate mana to do another summoning like that (it makes sense).

      • #15 by Henry Marte on July 5, 2011 - 6:42 PM

        i got to admit i hope this series has a second season me and my sister are gona kick someones butt if they dont because we got so interested that its not even funny i want to see dog day II

        And i hope its longer then 13 eps atleast 60-70 just dont take too long

  6. #16 by Alicia Nutter on June 30, 2011 - 9:23 PM

    The Anime/Manga was really good! :) I enjoyed it, but I was kinda sad that it ended and I actually can’t wait for the second season, I’m excited! :D

  7. #17 by Crywolfcry on July 4, 2011 - 6:28 PM

    This Anime was so good and i hope its gonna be another season of it.. It cant end just like that .. it would be sad if it happen but still i Really hope for another season of Dog days

  8. #18 by Jam on July 5, 2011 - 1:57 AM

    i hope there`s season 2 of dog days i love this anime!!!

  9. #19 by Henry Marte on July 5, 2011 - 6:41 PM

    i got to edmit i hope this series has a second season me and my sister are gona kick someones butt if they dont because we got so interested that its not even funny i want to see dog day II

  10. #20 by Dexter on July 10, 2011 - 3:40 PM

    I believe the rules for resummoning were there as a check system. They said the return summon was when the hero didn’t like the circumstances so if the hero wanted to go back and liked being there, checks were needed to prove his desire to return (at least 3 friends and a “love”). The contract vowing to return is very similar to certain wedding certificates.

    Just my 2 cents though.

    • #21 by avvesione on July 10, 2011 - 6:12 PM

      I get where you’re coming from, but I still think the rules were a little dumb. I am a little curious how they found out all those rules exactly and who the first being to be resummoned back was but that’s trivial at this point. I just hope that the next season of Dog Days comes out soon.

  11. #22 by Maya on August 1, 2011 - 11:55 PM

    No … >______<
    It's not happy ending.
    because, Millhiore F. Biscotti parting with Shinku izumi …
    I don't agree they parted, and I also disagreed when Shinku along with Rebecca Anderson (Becky) …
    I hope in season 2 Millhiore and Shinku can be together again for forever … XD
    so, please make a 2ND SEASON ….. XXD

    • #23 by avvesione on August 2, 2011 - 6:22 PM

      Yeah, it is sad that they had to part like that but Shinku did make plans to return once he finished school. So it’s not like they are separated forever. Shinku will return again soon and this time, hopefully, with Becky and Nanami tagging along.

  12. #24 by Bitdragon on October 3, 2011 - 7:24 AM

    If you haven’t been watching the news, Dog Days has been granted a green light for a second season! No word to as when it will air, but the news came from AnimeNews Network!

    • #25 by avvesione on October 3, 2011 - 8:52 AM

      Yup, saw that news on Sunday but thanks for the heads up. It was only a matter of time considering how the first season went but this was sooner than I had expected. Should be interesting to see what they try to do in S2.

  13. #26 by CrystalSoul. on October 21, 2011 - 12:16 PM

    Avvesione very nice job on predicting what S2 will be like. it all seems very logical and i would not be surprised if the season plays out just as you say it might :3

    i will agree with you in saying the rules for summoning were really illogical and they should of done something more simpler but at the same time it was nice to see that during those final days he spent with his eared friends, he left them all something that was special to him…and i think we all knew he was going to somehow or another leave the pink haired girl (sorry forgot the name) the watch xD

    this anime really touched me in ways no anime has done before. never in my life had i cryed tears of joy and happiness until i watched this anime. they did a great job on the build up of saddness at the end and made me keep thinking how much it must hurt for him to know he cant go back to them, and making false promises…….but then right at the very end they came though and when he remembered everything i couldent help but cry for pure happiness :’)

    great Anime, cant wait for season 2, and once again good job on predicting :D

    • #27 by avvesione on October 21, 2011 - 2:52 PM

      It seemed like they developed the rules for the summoning around how they wanted the finale to play out. I’m fine with that since it did create drama, sadness and ultimately, an uplifting and heart-warming feeling. Seemed it was the perfect finale for you, too!

      Anyway, it’s good to see there are so many fans of the first season and that there’s some excitement for the second season already. I do hope my predictions in this post are wrong though so that there’s some unpredictability and excitement when the series returns.

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