Guilty Crown – 5

I hope Gai is evil.  I want Gai to be evil.  I really do.   Maybe not ‘mastermind behind the release of the Apocalyspe Virus’ which devastated Japan but I don’t want him to be the hero when this anime is over.  I want his morals and actions to be questioned by both the characters and the audience.  And I want it to be done in a way that changes everyone around him.

There is more to Gai than what we’re being shown and what he’s showing to his comrades.  To Funeral Parlor, he is a determined and charismatic leader who is the head, heart, and soul of the resistance forces against the GHQ.  He is the one everyone looks up to within his organization be it for guidance, inspiration, and apparently affection, too.  When he speaks, everyone stops, listens, and executes his orders to the very best of their ability.  He is their everything.  But he isn’t everything.  Being the audience, we can see some things the characters themselves cannot and we were lucky enough to see that Gai and Inori are hiding something from everyone.  And their conversation during what appeared to be a blood transfusion (can’t really tell) seems to specify this is more than just Gai’s health.  And even before, Gai has been secretive about some of his plans and actions and the truth behind his motives and the goal for Funeral Parlor have not been explicitly announced yet.  Without a doubt, Gai is hiding something from everyone.  And I’m hoping it’s something that makes him evil, or at the very least, morally and ethically offensive.

There have already been morally questionable actions taken by Gai at this point to support this idea that Gai is secretly evil.  While he hasn’t been comically evil and slaughtered countless civilians, he’s endangered the lives of those within his organization and easily could’ve prevented some unnecessary deaths.  When the firing squad executed the civilians in the second episode, Tsugumi did scream at Gai for not taking action sooner and saving those lives, even after he stated that the mission was to rescue those very people.  He’s not afraid to play with people’s lives for the success of his missions.  And he’s not afraid to hurt others, too, especially if he himself can benefit from it.  Unless Inori is a terrible tsundere or just a really awful liar, Gai is forcing Inori to reject Shu’s feelings for her (and likely her own toward him, too) for the benefit of his organization.  He knew that it’d devastate Shu but he allowed for it to happen meaning he doesn’t care for the emotions of his fellow cohorts.  Furthermore, Gai desired the Void Genome for himself.  Coupled with his power to see everyone’s genome and his already impressive combat skills, he would have become an unstoppable force, free to pursue whatever selfish desires he saw fit.  It seems everything he does, especially the manipulation of people, are all for his own benefit without a thought toward the consequences to those around him.  So what’s to stop him from using Funeral Parlor, an organization that people joined to overthrow GHQ and liberate Japan, for his own purposes?  Perhaps he’s already doing that now (GHQ is just a part of his grand plot) and he’s just hiding it from everyone.

I hope that’s the case.  I really want to see Gai be the leader that everyone admires and supports but ends up being a monster who manipulates everyone around him for his own purposes and discards them when they’re no longer needed.  Mainly, I think it’d be an interesting twist in the story (if done correctly) but I’d also love to see how everyone around him would react.  Everyone in the entire resistance force would be devastated and demoralized but I’d particularly love to see what happens to Shu and Ayase when they find out.

For Shu, Gai is a bit of a role model, a confident and diligent man who gets all the ladies.  It’s evident he’s jealous of Gai after Inori rejected his feelings only to see the two enter a sealed room together (and Gai shirtless, no less), but he’s following him so he can be around Inori.  He and Gai have conflicting agendas but Shu has no choice to but follow Gai as a part of this liberation army, just so he can be with the girl who lets him feel her up every mission he deeply loves.  So if Gai turns out to be evil, or at the very least immoral, Shu will likely be devastated and furious.  I’d imagine that if Shu found out that this malevolent leader has been deceiving all his comrades, been responsible for countless deaths, and controlling his love, all for his own selfish goals, that Shu would be overwhelmed with rage and be absolutely shattered.  Not only would his role model turn out to be vile scum destroying his image of what he wants to be but seeing all the girls, especially Inori, blinding follow this wicked person would fill him with rage.  Really, Shu is a good person.  He’s wimpy and angsty and often discomforted but he knows right from wrong and doesn’t want to hurt anybody.  Seeing his correct ideals be proven futile and costing him his love would totally destroy his character.  And I’d love to see what Shu does next.  I’d imagine his rage would lead to bloodlust and he’d try to murder Gai but I want to see Shu rebuild himself as a resilient, confident, and independent person.  I want to see Shu go through some sort of character transformation in this series and this would be a perfect set-up for such a transformation to take place.  Seeing his character break only to return even stronger would do wonders for this series, this story, and for Shu himself.

Ayase is another person who looks up Gai, perhaps more than anyone else in Guilty Crown.  Not only does she sincerely respect him but she also shows the telltale signs of a one-sided crush, too.  And since it’s still early in the series, who knows what her relationship and history is like with Gai.  Perhaps during the chaos of Lost Christmas, Ayase had an unfortunate mishap, became paralyzed, but was rescued by Gai or something.  We can’t be sure yet since we only really met her in this episode but we know her strongest feelings are toward Gai.  So what would happen if she found out Gai was secretly manipulating her and turned out to be an evil person?  I’d imagine that Ayase’s entire world would collapse and she’d fall into depression.  She has emotional strength and is battle-tested but I’m not sure her psyche or her heart would withstand that bombshell.  I feel that the source of her strength, from which she expresses her confidence and playful behavior, is through Gai’s support and faith in her.  I’d imagine that Ayase would be unable to overcome that crushing discomfort and succumb to pain and depression.  We don’t know enough about her to have an idea of how she’d respond but I’d imagine she’d need the support of others to coop with an evil Gai.  Eventually, someone would be able to pull her out of that darkness and help her return to reality but I don’t think she’d ever be the same.  I’d hate to see her go through such misery and hardships but it’d be interesting to see her character tested in such an extreme way and see how she responds.

As for the others, we don’t know enough about them yet to see how they’d react.  Inori would be the next in line to be devastated by a potentially evil Gai but she seems to know more about Gai than anyone else right now.  And after that, no one else is emotionally attached or dependent on Gai like Ayase or Shu are.  Sure, there’d be general depression among Funeral Parlor but nothing extreme or significant like the two mentioned above.  I’m guessing Tsugumi would be the most responsive of the others but we barely know anything about her besides her comic relief, cat-like/robotic predispositions, and minor sex appeal.  I did mention earlier about her screaming at Gai after he allowed the civilians to be executed but that’s really the only time she has shown strong and serious emotions about anything.  I’d imagine she’d end up somewhere between Shu and Ayase, a blend of anger and dejection, but nowhere near the same intensity as those two.  But if we did learn that Gai was truly malevolent, then it’d be worthwhile to see everyone react than just those who’d respond the strongest.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still love Gai as a character and I’m not certain that he will turn out to be evil, but it’s just an idea that doesn’t escape my mind.  The reasons I gave up at the top, regarding his secretive and morally questionable nature are what established this idea and thought I’d see where it’d go.  Like I mentioned before, I’d love to see the characters go through a transformation once they found out their leader was evil and be forced to change themselves.  Likewise, I’d enjoy what it’d do for the story, showing that both sides of conflict are not good or correct in their ideals or actions.  I’d put Shu in a dilemma where he wouldn’t agree with either side and put him in a situation where he’d be conflicted.  I wouldn’t dismiss that he’d join the GHQ here since that’s where his mother is (we have yet to really see Haruka yet) and he could completely drop out of the conflict altogether, too.  And a twist like this would greatly improve the story if it is done correctly.  It’d help revitalize the anime and break up some of the generic monotony that has been the main complain of the series to date.  And generally, I think I’d really like to see Gai turn out to be a villain of some degree and go against Shu at some point in the series.  Considering all these factors and the overall effect on the series, you can see why I hope Gai turns out to be evil in some form or another.

That scene with Arugo, the one where he theorized about his genome, might actually be my favorite moment in the series thus far.  It only lasted a few seconds, so those of you with long blinks or are only watching this anime for the pretty girls, you may have missed it.  I generally don’t like characters like Arugo, those young, subordinate types with cocky and unfriendly attitudes but I really liked him in this scene.  Standing alone, he evaluated his genome to himself; a light that brings engulfing darkness to others.  Earlier, he had high hopes for what form his genome would be when he asked Shu about it.  And he got his wish during that mock battle between Shu and Ayase.  He quickly came to accept his disheartening reality that he truly has a gloomy personality.  It showed two new sides to his personality, the gloom and the acceptance (I was expecting denial to be honest) that had not manifested before and really added some depth to his character.  Really some brilliant writing there for that scene.  Maybe I’ll start liking Arugo now.

So it’s a shame when the episode with the best scene in the series so far also contains the worst scene.  And I hope you already know what I’m talking about before I actually get into it but it was that scene where Shu was walking around naked.  Really?  Really Guilty Crown?  What purpose did it serve to have Shu wake up from some symbolic and critical dream and walk around naked only for Ayase to walk in on him?  Why was he naked to begin with and why can’t he hold onto a damn blanket?  Scenes like only serve the purpose of heightening the sexual tension between two characters, for laughs, or for general unnecessary fanservice and it certainly wasn’t for the first two.  It was completely pointless and asinine and the series quickly jumped back to the plot at hand in the very next shot.  Unless something happened to him in that room during that dream then maybe I’ll be more receptive of a scene like that but for now, probably the worst scene in the entire anime.


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  1. #1 by zammael on November 11, 2011 - 10:42 AM

    After skimming your blog I actually watched episode 5. Hoping Gai will turn evil just to keep the show interesting (evil antagonists battling for political supremacy with hapless loser Shu trapped in between? Sounds like a reverse Code Geass!)

    • #2 by avvesione on November 11, 2011 - 5:16 PM

      Skimming? q.q

      But yeah, I hope there’s something big that Gai’s hiding that will devastate everyone around him and this episode seemed to hint at something. Maybe not as extreme as him being evil or a ‘dark hero’ but something that will force the happy, playful characters of the resistance to change.

  2. #3 by Kazimoto on November 11, 2011 - 7:27 PM

    the part i was most confused about was his dream. When he said trust me and just jump that seemed so out of his character. I really want to find out who it was who he told to follow him because i feel like that info is the reason for his uneasiness and weakness. (just my thought for now but maybe ayase?)
    Also i just really hope and pray that inori didnt actually mean that. Cuz then shed just be a classic biotch and would ruin all the trust that shu has built up in her. She was the main thing holding him back to the funeral parlor so i genuinely hope she realizes whats right and wrong. Gotta learn that not everything gai says is right.
    Other than that i really liked how at the end he was reflecting on family mainly because he seems so alone all of the time. Finding his spot in the group was real important to me.

    • #4 by avvesione on November 11, 2011 - 8:24 PM

      I remember that image of the boy on the bridge being used in the first episode when Shu obtained his powers. Go back and watch from about the 19th minute on and you’ll see it in a montage with a bunch of other unexplained shots. That dream will be a major part of the story for sure but right now, it’s a bit of a teaser for later. If it is linked to Ayase, then showing it now would make sense and you have a good eye for picking out details like that if it turns out to be true.

      As for Inori, I’m certain she’s lying there. I believe she is in love with him but Gai won’t allow them to be together right now. Why I think this way is because of the scene where she’s asking Funel why she’s so cold without him. If she doesn’t love him, it doesn’t make any sense and is rather pointless. If she does love him, then the scene in this episode can still make sense although we don’t know why she did that yet. Maybe because Gai is evil?…

      I’m sure Shu will find a nice spot in Funeral Parlor, probably on the front-line for every mission from here on out.

      • #5 by kazimoto on November 12, 2011 - 10:57 AM

        haha thanks i did and although it made a lil more confused i was real excited about watching it. (actually i rewatched all of them haha). i really hope that it is ayase because she although obviously having feelings for gai, she opened up to shu with such genuineness. and then when kido comes and trash talks them shes like yeah shut up buddy. maybe when gai is turning all evil he will be the one that she looks up to and trusts once again?
        the way you put it makes me so certain so i can sit back with relief. inori has so many secrets and i hope that she can break free from gai. i wanna know why she had no name. i think shes a person from some lab or something cuz man she can dodge bullets haha.
        btw from now on defs gonna be following your blog. its nice to be able to speak what i think about this anime.

        • #6 by avvesione on November 12, 2011 - 10:07 PM

          Even if the way I put it makes you feel certain, don’t. This was just me playing around with an idea that I thought of during this episode and tried to see what supported it and how it’d work in the general theme of the story. I wanted to spark some discussion on the topic and found there’s a lot of people who agree with me and a lot who don’t. Will be fun to see how Gai turns out when it is all over but don’t be certain on this subject just yet.

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