Needless – Chapter 96

Ah, Chapter 96.  It’s another chapter which means a bunch of new developments and the return of a few old faces.  This time, it’s the reappearance of probably my two favorite characters in the series, so I’m beyond thrilled.  And regarding the story, another character is revealed to be marked with a Stigmata.  But with what we’ve learned in this arc about cloning and Eden’s Seeds, could this a true Stigmata or another fake? **Warning: spoilers below**

So far, we’ve seen only a handful of the twelve characters that possess Stigmata, specifically Arclight, Saten, and young Blade (possibly passed onto Eve).  Characterized by the hidden mark upon the body of the bearer and an unbelievable increase in power with an Eden’s Seed release, these holy markings belong to only the strongest of Needless.  Of course, we’ve seen a few misleading ones, too, such as the mark on Mengroze’s hand and the Eden’s Seed release from the clone of Teruyama, so it’s not entirely simple when determining who has a Stigmata or not.  And in this chapter, we see what appears to be a Stigmata on Uten’s left leg following his new ability to turn himself invisible.  So is this one a true Stigmata or not?

Well, let’s see what supports this theory first before trying to make a decision.  For one, the mark is not always present, it only appears when Uten is using his strongest ability.  The original Uten never was able to perform at such a level, turning organic matter invisible, and since he was already a Missing Link Needless, this is a sign of something even more powerful.  Something that requires Eden’s Seeds to be more precise.  And so far, every time a Stigmata has been seen, there has been an Eden’s Seed release.  It has all the right pieces to make it a true Stigmata.  But what about the other argument?

While it’s true that Uten’s Stigmata meets the main requirements of being a true Stigmata, you have to wonder where it came from.  The original Uten never had it, so it needed to come from some external source during the cloning process.  Arclight and Blade got their Stigmata from the cells of the Second Christ but his cells are no longer available, so there must be some other source.  We are assuming that there were Eden’s Seeds implanted in Uten, like they did for Teruyama, but there was never any sign of Stigmata on Teruyama.  Did they use a different line of cells (perhaps from Arclight who amassed the Second Christ’s body?)  They did something different, that’s for sure, but there is something sinister about Uten like with Teruyama.  There are some clearly demonic elements with Uten now (that sword for starters).  And judging that Stigmata is a symbol for the holy, the fact that Uten has clearly demonic characteristics counters that logic.  But then again, Arclight, Saten, and Blade aren’t really that holy either, so that might not even be a requirement for Stigmata here.

After weighing both sides of the argument, I’m going to favor the side that says it’s a true Stigmata, that this clone of Uten is one of the bearers of Stigmata.  He might not be part of the original twelve that Saten mentioned during the Eve’s Story arc but he appears to be one now.  Not sure what to make of his demonic sword, though, and what his goals are with Seto now, but he has proven he is an opponent not to take lightly.  It will be interesting to see where he ends up next and who, if anyone, will be the one to take him down.


As for the rest of the chapter, I was pleased with the developments.  I’m eager to see what Setsuna and Kuchinashi are up to, even if it’s something simple like capturing Cruz before he reveals his identity to the wrong individuals in the Simeon HQ.  There was a lot of clarification on the clones when the helpful scientists were making Cruz uneasy and it will be interesting to see if Cruz learns anything more during the next chapter wandering around the labs.  Perhaps he’ll see someone else in the facility.  As for Blade, while his time was short, his scene was important.  Not only did we see him learn that Cruz was in the Simeon HQ rather than safe in Blackspot but his serious reaction, counter to everything we’ve seen in this arc so far from him, seems to hint of something crucial coming up soon.  Looks like Blade and Eve will be heading there immediately but you wonder if someone else will show up to slow their progress in the meantime…

The fight between Seto and Uten was sensational, showing the two powerful fighters square off, but it was a bit too short for my taste.  I realize there is not a whole lot of space available for fights right now with so much going on but it was condensed into one chapter.  Certainly Uten had the advantage with his new ability so the fight didn’t need to drag on needlessly (heh, pun) but the fight with Disk and some no-name police chief went on for about 3 chapters, so why not this one with two important characters rather than just one?  Oh well, I’m guessing next month we’ll see Solva and Kafka brawl, so I’m looking forward to seeing those two in action since it’s been too long of an absence for both.

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  1. #1 by Soji on November 22, 2011 - 5:21 AM

    As always I enjoy reading your posts their are always interesting to read.
    For Uten’s stigma (and for the other thing you said about stigmata)I agree with everything you said, the only thing I would add is…..
    Stigmata born for the Second ES = Good Stigmata or holly Symbols.
    Stigmata born for AL ES = Bad / demonic Stigmata.
    You know in the bible Demon= Fallen Angel …..I think that the same principle can be applied to the stigma in Needless.(or at least I think so).

    For Cruz I’m really curious to see what will happen to him and what will happen when Sestuna and Kushinasi find him?
    And Blade and Eve will arrive on time or they will be stopped by someone (like you said )?
    And Seto what will happen to her?
    And Solva against Mr. spiders?
    And Disk what will do now?
    And Mio ?
    Afterall Sestuna and Kushinasi were waiting for her?
    There are
    so many possibilities for the next ch and we have to wait another month to get more answers.

    • #2 by avvesione on November 23, 2011 - 10:50 PM

      I like what you said about the difference between the Second’s ES and Arclight’s ES but didn’t Arclight get his from the Second? =P Still, something is up the last two latest Eden’s Seed Needlesses with them being clearly demonic, so maybe you’re right about Arclight and his ES.

      As for all the questions you have, I have some speculation, but you know how I’ve been with predictions about Needless in the past. Next month we’ll get some answers, especially with Cruz, Setsuna and Kuchinashi, Blade, and most likely Solva, too.

      • #3 by Soji on November 24, 2011 - 2:54 AM

        You’re right about Arclight’s ES that they come from the Second. So I try to clear a little better what I meant.Arclight obtained the ES from the second and because he is a person corrupt / evil he has corrupt the ES istelf(Let’s said they have fallen from god grace)now the same thing happened with Uten and for this reason its seems more a demonic stigma. Now if he was Cruz I’m sure that the ES and the stigma would be more like they were with the second…what I’m trying to say is the stigma and the ES change themself beacouse the host. If the host is like Uten then the stigmata will be demon like and the opposite if the host is someone like Cruz. Of course the same thing applies in reverse, and if Uten and Cruz obtained the ES from the some one like the second.Obviously this was an example and what I think. I must admit it was hard to explain what I had in mind I hope you understand what I meant.

        • #4 by avvesione on November 24, 2011 - 3:55 AM

          Ah, I see what you mean now and I understand it better. The question I have now is what about Teruyama? I guess we should wait to find out what happened to him exactly but he was never at the same level of evil as Arclight or Uten yet he’s been the most demonic after an ES release. Hope to find an answer to that and all the other clone questions soon, too.

        • #5 by Soji on November 29, 2011 - 3:13 PM

          Probably they have modified his memories or that power corrupt him.Perhaps we will find something about this in the next ch.

        • #6 by avvesione on November 30, 2011 - 12:46 AM

          Yeah, can’t wait to hear the explanations for all this. Dunno if it’ll be the next chapter but it will be sometime soon, at least while they’re still in the Simeon HQ.

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