Guilty Crown – 11

Guilty Crown is a dumb but fun action anime that doesn’t know it’s a dumb but fun action anime and instead fantasizes itself to be a renowned stroke of genius driven by its pivotal characters and enthralling story.  It isn’t.  Until it realizes what it is and acts like it should, Guilty Crown won’t improve as an anime.  But there’s an obstacle it must overcome first before it can begin to solve this problem.

I’ve gone over this subject a few times already in previous posts but usually from different angles and with different levels of thoroughness.  I’ve said my favorite episodes have been the ones where the anime doesn’t take itself seriously, instead opting to have fun with its characters and have mindless action sequences for the sake of entertainment.  I’ve pointed out that the anime becomes overdramatic too easily and loses the audience with emotions it failed to build up or justify.  Today will be another post on a similar topic: Guilty Crown has become a different type of anime that originally intended and it needs to begin acting like it should or it will continue to struggle.  And while that is a major and probably the most apparent problem with this anime, it is not the main problem.  That one lies with those producing this anime.

The creators and directors of Guilty Crown have yet to realize that their anime does not have captivating characters, an innovative story, or is the masterpiece they’re trying to produce.  Instead, Guilty Crown is basically an action anime with adequate characters, an incoherent but ‘who cares’ story, and is a decent anime if you want some entertainment or are into that sorta stuff.  It is what it is and those creating the anime fail to recognize what it truly has become.  They don’t realize what they’re doing isn’t working the way they intend.  They don’t seem to know that Guilty Crown is suffering from some very basic storytelling and character development problems that are instigating a negative effect on the audience.  What they are currently doing prevents the anime from conveying its original intent, one that the creators want us to see, and gives us a product that is trying to be what it is not.  There has been marginal progress on this front leading me to believe that the people behind this anime don’t see what we see.  This is the main problem with Guilty Crown: the creators don’t realize there is a problem.

This post has become a little complicated and I don’t want to lose you, so let’s use some examples to clarify these points.  Let’s say the creators want to make a deep and conflicted protagonist struggle with juggling his personal beliefs, his inhibiting doubts, and wanting to be a playboy pimp with kick ass martial arts and lots of guns (like Gai but only better).  That’s what they want us to see in Shu.  What we really see is Shu whine excessively, become reserved, and repeat the same mistakes and outcomes over and over again highlighting that he isn’t learning from these faults rather than grow as a character.  Plus there is no transition from emo Shu to hero Shu besides talking to his friends and having them join his deathwish of saving Inori in the middle of the battlefield.  There was no justification for him suddenly summoning his strength and no real rationale why his friends would join him on such a clearly dangerous mission.  Another example, this time shorter, is that the storytelling lacks focus or logic frequently.  The GHQ is supposedly this ruthless and oppressive military organization that Funeral Parlor combats and portrays as the enemy, which we see in certain scenes, but they’re completely disregarded when we seem them constantly make dumbfounding mistakes and generally act negligent every time we see them.  The creators of Guilty Crown want us to see them as some sort of super evil organization but what we’ve seen in the anime refutes that idea.

Once the producers behind Guilty Crown realize what they’re doing is not what they want, then they’ll be able to address the more obvious problems which belong to it conveying a different message than what they want.  But will they recognize this problem in time and address it appropriately?  There are two reasons why I believe they won’t.  While solving the first problem is certainly simple (seeing that there is a problem) it is also the most difficult for people to make (admitting they are making a mistake).  Furthermore, if someone is set in their ways or has actually intended the anime to be executed as such, then there is little to no hope in convincing them that there is a problem.  And even if they did solve the main problem, fixing the anime will require time which the anime is quickly running out of.  It’s possible but not probable that Guilty Crown will begin to improve as an anime anytime soon.  Its best hope is that there were prearranged episodes, scenes, and moments which employ the dumb but fun action mentality with a full heart and make something worthwhile and entertaining to watch.  Until then, I don’t see Guilty Crown improving at all.

Also, Dan Eagleman fucking rocks.  Not only was he the most likable character in all Guilty Crown but he also was the embodiment of the non-seriousness that has helped and would’ve helped Guilty Crown improve.  He will be missed in more ways than one.

I’m beginning to think of Guilty Crown as the girlfriend that everyone, even yourself, finds annoying and stupid but you put up with her just because she’s beautiful.  Guilty Crown, in my eyes, is one of the most beautiful anime out there, but there are so many other negatives about it that it comes across as irritating or frustrating.  Wonder how many others get that impression from this anime.

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  1. #1 by Parth Srivastav on December 23, 2011 - 7:24 AM

    GC is an anime that has been rushed the creators had a good plot (similar to CG) they had ideas eg. action scenes, music, and everything the one thing it seems they did not have was time. the anime has had no planning whatsoever(don’t know who forced them). 1 episode they take things way too far and in some the story doesn’t move at all. i think 22 episodes would be less for the story of anime.

    • #2 by avvesione on December 23, 2011 - 7:20 PM

      Yeah, something happened somewhere that just messed up the anime as a whole. It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact cause but the problem is something fundamental, so hopefully they can do something in these next few weeks (they have the next two weeks off) to significantly improve the latter half of the anime. Hopefully time is what the series needs to heal itself and not some magic bandage from Hare (although that would be nice, too).

      • #3 by Soji on December 28, 2011 - 8:50 AM

        I admit that I agree with what you guys said . but I must say there is some improvement in this episode that I found it that make me enjoy this ep better that the other before this .But I must admit there are two things that bother me..First one..Ok I’m glad that Shu as finally realized that he has to do things a his own way and use only Gai a exemple /model and don’t do things like Gai. And of course being more honest with his friends.but he did not address his main problem and that are the memories of 10 years before the one he starting to remember. After all these traumatic memories are the main thing that cause most of the event in episode 10, but what he is doing now is just focus on the goal at hand and push the problem away (and I still think if he can remember these traumatic memories and face whatever is hidden in these memories.Shu will become a very different boy from what we have now … and I mean in a positive way).The second, and that this new Void user has draw out Inori’sVoid with no eye contact ,how this work?I always thought that to extract a void from a person the eye contact it’s a fundamental requirement.I really wonder how Shu will save Inori since it has to deal with a person who has the same power as him , Inori’void and probably tower itself on his side (at least from a scene in the preview).O well ,at least next ep Shu go to save Inori and we will see the events 10 years earlier during the Lost Christmas and what ties Shu has with Mana. (Again according to the preview ep 12) But I suppose if there is a flashback about that .this mean that Shu has finally lost control of his suppress memories and I’m happy about this.(that or is Gai that remembers this )

        • #4 by avvesione on December 28, 2011 - 10:52 PM

          I’ll be happy with GC again if they start going over Lost Christmas and the powers and all that fun stuff. Those are the points I’m most interested in with this anime at this point and I kinda want to see Shu succeed in a fight or something well before the finale (won’t like it if it comes to late). If that’s the case from the episode preview, I think the next episode will be pretty damn interesting. Even better if it’s retold from Shu’s repressed memories which cause him to break out of his current shell.

          As for the question about the Yuu pulling out Inori’s void without eye contact: there are different types of Voids out there and they both have different ones. Perhaps his isn’t from the heart but another part of the body? Don’t know yet what his power is but it is a Void power that is different than Shu’s.

        • #5 by Soji on December 29, 2011 - 10:22 AM

          I guess you’re right, now that I’ve reviewed that part Yuu brand is different in color and shape (?) From the one that Shu have . In addition Yuu eyes still the same color and shape in spite he hold Inori’void at the moment.instead Shu eyes change color several times during the anime… the first time that he triggered the void genome , his eyes become red and the shape is similar to that of a demon / vampire the second time in episode 4 when holding Inori ‘s void and the third time when he discussing with Gai and go angry after being hit by him and before hitting Gai (Shu eyes turn reddish for a brief period of time) .Mana has the same situation as Shu when you see the preview you see her with red eyes.Now that I think about it, you see in the preview Mana suffer some type of trauma as Shu in episode 10, she keeps her head trying to plug his ears and shouting O_oI am beginning to wonder if the void genome that shu own now it not been born by Mana or Mana was the original owner of that power.talking about the preview ,I found the translation of what appears Shu says there . I do not know how accurate it is but ,I put the translation the same. Quote”From a user name it Inoreen..
          I may not FULLY understand japanese but during the preview of ep 12,shu was taking wasn’t he..? “anta no oujo ga taisetsuna ka kimochi kisei” my brain translation—> (the lonely girls precious feelings unveiled) I think he was talking about “big sis” for shu “mana” for gai and keido “or Inori look alike” for us fans”quote.Also I don’t know if you know but there’s already the title of the new opening and ending.The title of the opening song is The Everlasting Guilty Crown and will be performed by EGOIST while the ending will be supercell’s Kokuhaku (meaning ‘confession’).

        • #6 by avvesione on December 29, 2011 - 5:28 PM

          Those speculations sound interesting and it seems like about the right time they start explaining these things, especially now that we’ve seen someone else with the Void power, too. Too bad there is a two week break between this episode and the next in GC.

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