Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam – 19

The patchwork military commonly referred to as the Allied Forces has a common goal among its diverse membership: to end Luscinia’s relentless onslaught and bring peace to the world.  That aim has been quite clear since the alliance began only a few episodes ago.  But what they share in a common objective, they all do not share the same vision on how to accomplish it.  The lack of faith and familiarity between factions, most visible between the surviving Glacies soldiers and the insensitive traitors of Ades, prevents the cohesion of a formidable and singular military that can match the Luscinia’s forces and achieve their goal.  The reason for the lack of companionship and trust between each side is that there is no unifying leader for this army.  Each faction (Ades, Glacies, Turan, and the sky pirates) follows their own and is a reason why this military will never be successful in its current state (or at least current state as of this episode).

Though the Allied Forces has enough military strength to match and even defeat Luscinia, they simply cannot defeat him with these fragmented forces fighting together.  The reason for Ades to fight is for the sake of Sara, their leader who wishes to end this needless war.  The few Glacies soldiers that survived and are partaking in the subsequent battles view all Ades as their enemy and seek revenge on her military though they seem to be primarly focused on Luscinia’s army rather than the traitors who defected to their allied side.  Turan follows the orders of their surviving royalty, Princess Millia, who seeks to restore her nation to its former glory and save her older sister, Lilliana.  The remaining member of the of the Allied Forces are the Sky Pirates whose aim is varied among its members though a collective point can be derived from the fact their hometown was assaulted by enemy forces.  As you can tell from the major factions of the Allied Forces, each side has their own specific reasons for fighting in this war.  As a result, each side has their own motivations and vision for how this war should be won.

Sara and the Ades military want to end the war with as little death and destruction as possible.  If they can get the forces under Luscinia’s control to ceasefire and return home, they would be realizing their ideal outcome by keeping this citizen’s alive and well.  The ultimate contrast to this would be the favorite outcome for the few Glacies soldiers who continue to fight: they’d love to see the entire military, and perhaps even the nation, of Ades see an even worse fate than what Glacies received from Exile.  Because of this, Ades and Glacies how opposing views on how to defeat Luscinia’s forces with Ades attempting a civil route and Glacies trying to kill their way to victory.  In fact, the scene where Dian and Magnolia chased Fam and Giselle and tried to prevent their meeting with Sadri is a clear indication they’d rather fight and kill than accept ceasefire (or perhaps more appropriate, they’d rather have Ades fight and kill themselves).  I don’t foresee the citizens of Glacies taking this ceasefire lightly since it hurts their outcome more than helps it.

The combined forces of Turan and the Sky Pirates fall somewhere in the spectrum between both extremes labeled by Ades and Glacies.  Since Turan’s final goal is to restore its nation, it probably wants to end the war as quickly as possible which means their goals may lie closer to Ades than the ultimate destruction Glacies is fighting for.  The Sky Pirates, once you exclude Fam and Giselle who are obviously special cases, might lean more toward Glacies and want to see Ades’ power weakened so the skies would become more free but I doubt they favor total destruction and only want what’s best for the skies.  Because these two sides obviously have less extreme views like Ades and Glacies, they should be fine with combining attributes and elements from both and incorporate that into a median solution for this war.  And because it is in the middle of the two extremes and both Ades and Glacies would never accept the other’s goal, it seems like the best course of action for the war would be to follow either Turan and/or the Sky Pirate’s plan.

However, neither of those forces has a leader strong enough to lead the collective forces in the path to victory.  Both sides lack a strong military presence in these battles and their personnel don’t have sufficient tactical knowledge of how to successfully wage a campaign, especially against a warlord.  This is where the weakness of leadership in the Allied Forces becomes apparent.  It’s true that Ades and Glacies both have capable and willing leaders for this objective but it’d be impossible for Ades to follow Dian’s commands and for Glacies to serve under Vasant.  This absence of a composed, intelligent, and charismatic leader who can command all sides of the Allied Forces to victory is what allows each faction to pursue their own vision in how to fight this war.  Until a single entity can come forth and unite all factions together, it will be impossible for the Allied Forces to contend with Luscinia in its current state.  Fortunately, the main characters of Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam are from either Turan or the Sky Pirates, so it’s only a matter of time before either Millia or Fam take control and lead their side to victory.

About time the Silvius reappeared and what a time for it to appear, too.  We never really saw the Silvius in action in Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam up until it materialized on the battlefield and decimated the First Fleet of Ades at the end of this episode.  It was pleasing to see it finally reappear but it feels almost strange for it to be thrust back into the series again, especially with it being gone for quite a number of episodes now.  I wish the absence of this famed ship weren’t so extended in this series and that the characters onboard, not limited to Tatiana and Alis, had more of a prominent role in the series like the crew of the Silvana did in Last Exile.  Nevertheless, the Silvius has returned and will be making the final showdown with Luscinia and Exile an exciting battle to watch.

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  1. #1 by Myssa on March 23, 2012 - 4:53 AM

    Haruhi, this episode. I wanted for someone to slap some sense into Dian, especially since the feint by Sadri to throw the Alliance forces into disarray was so obvious. She’s so blinded by revenge at this point, that she’s a liability rather than an important asset.

    • #2 by avvesione on March 25, 2012 - 6:22 PM

      To us, Sadri’s move was obvious, but to someone who’s so consumed with revenge like Dian, it’s a perfect move. I’ve liked how they’ve used tactics in the past few battles and actually had it affect not only the fights but the characters themselves. Really enjoyed that aspect.

      As for Dian, yeah, she’s an ally but she doesn’t always act like one and could easily turn against them if she doesn’t get her way.

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