Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam – 20

So yeah, it’s been well over three months since my last post on Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam, so these aren’t timely or applicable anymore, but I always intended to finish the series and, well, here are the few remaining episodes that I never got around to finishing.

Considering the necessity that a colony ship be built for the inhabitants of this planet to leave with the intention of never returning home, there is no mistake that these problems of scarce resources are very real.  However, given that they’re able to sustain life in space and transport them across the galaxy, the display of technologies seems incredibly ill-equipped for ideally addressing this situation.

What strikes me as peculiar about this setting is that these nations are faced with the harrowing prospect of overpopulating the world and running out of usable resources is that they seem to have quite a few technological advancements that would seem to be useful in solving this problem.  After seeing how they can maneuver around the globe in powerful battleships that hover with little effort and construct spaceships that travel to better planets and are responsible for creating a better anime than this (too easy?), you’d figure there’d be some technological advancements on more pressing and immediate goals like solving the issues of where people will live, how to sustain their lifestyles, and how to appropriately plan for future generations.

Given the current technologies of Last Exile: Fam, I can already see various methods that could be appointed to advancing their civilizations in order to address this issue.  For one, the nation of Glacies seems perfectly content with their minimalistic lifestyle in the harsh tundra of the north, so some of their knowledge and understanding can be applied to the rest of the world as a means to sustain their lives.  Another factor in this resource-limited world is that they continue to pour time, money, and energy into constructing extravagant palaces, ginormous battleships, and other unnecessary things that are superfluous to survival.  And not only that, but some common sense could go a long way in this world, too, considering that some of these cities are places in the most inopportune areas imaginable.  Kartoffel, while a strategic stronghold and gorgeous setting, is not the best place to start a city.  And, of course, there are other provisions that should be included, too, that occurred or were apparent earlier in the series that I can’t seem to recall at this moment.

The point here is that there seems to be a disconnect between the people, their technologies, and the matter at hand.  Why has everyone in the world committed themselves to solely advancing their militaries and commandeering space travel when they have amble opportunity to address the problem that’s the reason for the prior two?  Rather than kill each other or abandon the planet, why has there been no progress in trying to develop sustainable living for the people and planning for means and methods for the next generations to survive and advance.  It’s a peculiar issue I have with the nations and people of this anime, but I suppose without this problem, the story and settings would been to be altered accordingly and that, as wondrous as it may seem, might actually have a negative impact overall when considering the anime as a whole.

I often wonder how different the series and the world would be had Sara not assumed the throne after the death of her mother and became head of Ades.  She’s weak as a leader of her nation and survives through the ideals of her mother which try to live on through her example but are unable to be as strong or durable under her reign.  Instead, her only strength is that she tries her best, is cute, and cries a lot, which makes everyone else feel bad that they’re hurting their leader and a young, innocent child.  Had the leader been someone cunning and savvy, like another Luscinia or someone, how would the complexion of the world be altered?  How would the wars be fought, the power be wrestled, the world be different?  For example, when the debates were resolved through Sara crying, how would a different leader get their nation to resolve this conflict and lead the world to peace?  Just something to think about.

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