Magi – 6

Though side characters are routinely neglected or minimally developed as characters, they are often essential to the growth and progression of those around them.  In the case of this episode, the minor characters, merchants Leila and Sahsa, were able to assist Morgiana in her expedition to return home to the Dark Continent.  During their time together as a trading trio, we were able to see Morgiana unveil her true character largely due to the sincerity and benevolence expressed through Leila and Sahsa.  Without them, it’s debatable that these preceding details and positive growth would have been omitted from Morgiana’s character, especially if she were making this journey alone.

What we were able to witness from the sixth episode of Magi were various aspects of growth in Morgiana’s character, evolving from a simple, yet strong antagonist from the previous story arc to an admirable and earnest hero in this episode.  Her advancement was cumulated during her courageous rescue of the slave girl, Nadja, her subsequent brawl against the saber-tooth tigers, and her liberation of the remaining slaves still in bondage.  Furthermore, pieces of Morgiana’s past were documented to the audience in a dream of Morgiana’s in addition to unwelcomed flashbacks.  And while each of these are examples of significant development in Morgiana’s character, her most significant areas of growth were through her time spent with the merchants Leila and Sahsa.

Although their time was condensed in the episode, there were one scene with Leila and Sahsa where Morgiana’s character developed the greatest.  It occurred during the opening scene of the episode where it was revealed that Morgiana joined the traveling caravan en route to Balbadd in order to sail home.  During the simple conversation while walking back from the market, Morgiana specifies her current goal and her motivations toward accomplishing it: she wants to return home to the Dark Continent and is doing so because she promised her benefactor.  What is shows us it that Morgiana is driven and dedicated to repaying her benefactor in whatever way possible and is doing so by returning home.  It supersedes traveling with Leila and Sahsa, two friends who have made her journey possible by way of caravan and supplies, or even joining again with Aladdin or Alibaba, the two friends her freed her from slavery.  Why this is arguably her greatest moment of growth is it finally defines Morgiana’s character.  Now we can understand both what Morgiana intends to do with her newly emancipated life and what pushes her to accomplish such goals.  And thanks to Leila and Sahsa being around, by holding a causul conversation with their new friend and companion, we were able to understand both what Morgiana wants to do with her life and why she is doing this.

Without Leila and Sahsa, this revelation would have been delayed or perhaps disregarded.  Seeing as Morgiana was content with traveling alone to start her journey, she would have no need to express these thoughts to herself since she is already absorbed in the idea of returning home.  Furthermore, it would be unlikely that she’d even consider mentioning that to any strangers on her quest to Balbadd.  By befriending Leila and Sahsa, the two were able to get Morgiana to reveal herself through conversation rather than a questionnaire or interview.  Of course, had she joined up with Aladdin or Alibaba, the information would have been leaked eventually, but here, the side characters were able to unveil Morgiana’s character in a delightful and appropriate manner.  Furthermore, the two young merchants were able to assist Morgiana’s character development in other ways, too, such as relating to her in how she joined the caravan or that she need not be so polite around her friends who want to treat her as equals rather than master and servant.  Combine that with Morgiana’s heroic undertakings and it’s easy to see how her character flourished in this episode, growing from a brutal adversary to one of the gentlest, most sincere and authentic characters of the series.  The episode did a brilliant job with Morgiana’s character, providing unparalleled development to her character and showing her evolve in a suitable manner.  And though most of the praise deservedly goes to Morgiana, for allowing herself to prosper through her thoughts and actions, some of that thanks needs to go to the side characters who continue to help her, Aladdin, Alibaba and the other protagonists of the series.  Although these minor characters only appear for a brief moment, if even that, they each leave a lasting impact on the series in various forms.  For Leila and Sahsa, they were able to help elevate Morgiana’s characters from vagueness to one of the heroes of Magi.  And that, I’m sure, Morgiana is extremely grateful and thankful for.

Okay, yeah, not gonna lie, I mainly wrote that post because I though both girls were cute and wanted to post a lotta pictures of them and Morgiana.  And yeah, I have no shame in admitting that.  I hope that they return again soon since they were pleasant and fun characters to have in this increasingly charming, enjoyable anime.


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  1. #1 by bobbobsters on November 19, 2012 - 7:23 PM

    you are like Aladdin, enjoy dem boobies.

    • #2 by avvesione on November 20, 2012 - 12:24 AM

      Oh, if only you knew…

      If only…

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