Robotics;Notes – 9

robotics;notes-09-gunpro1-gunvarrel-model-robot-complete-construction-exhibitionEvery character in Robotics;Notes has a dream, either in the form of a goal or some type of drive that motivates them in pursuit of their desire.  For some, it’s rather apparent, such as Aki and fulfilling her dream of completing GunPro-1.  For others, it may be overlooked, such as Junna wanting to have more friends before graduating high school.  For Kai… well, it’s debatable.  Still, the point remains the same regardless of the character, that each has their own ambitions that they are chasing after.  However, the characters will eventually reach their goals, like Aki has with GunPro-1 in the ninth episode of Robotics;Notes.  The next question becomes, what do they do with themselves when their dreams have been realized?

robotics;notes-09-frau-kai-excited-energy-passion-happy-cuteAki’s dream was to complete GunPro-1, the project of constructing a life-size model of Gunvarrel that began when her older sister joined the Robotics Club.  With GunPro-1 finally constructed, Aki is nearing the final stages of her dream, with a gigantic, inspiring robot to show for her fruitful efforts.  Of course, the testing phase of the robot was largely unimpressive, but unless Aki intended for the robot to do more than just stand, walk, and inspire the hearts and minds of all who see it, then Aki has accomplished the goal that she’s set out to accomplish since her childhood.  Still, Aki plans to revamp GunPro-1 since the presentation of the robot was underwhelming with GunPro-1 struggling to walk and blowing out its motor.  However, once these improvements are made and GunPro-1 is as good as it gets, what will Aki do with her life?  What will she do when her dream of GunPro-1 is realized and finally over?

robotics;notes-09-aki-surprised-confused-curious-dreams-hope-aspirationsThe same question could be posed to any character in Robotics;Notes or any anime for that matter; what do these characters plan to do with their lives once their short-term goals are completed?  As it stands, none of the main characters seem to have any plans for what they want to do when their current objectives are completed.  There is always the possibility that other goals and ambitions will appear following the completion of their current dream, such as with Frau discovering what happened to her missing mother or with Junna making friends with the members of the Robotics Club, but there doesn’t seem to be much that the characters have beyond their present goals.  In a sense, the characters feel somewhat empty in this regard.  And with GunPro-1 being finalized shortly, perhaps we’ll see what happens to Aki when her dream comes true.  However, this wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen the situation arise in Robotics;Notes: Subaru’s dream prematurely ended when his father forbid him from doing anything with hobby robots ever again.  Now, his character seems rather disheartened and sluggish though he seems to be interested in completing GunPro-1 and improving upon Aki’s designs.  Still, this could be connected to his passion for hobby robots since GunPro-1 shares many similar components and only the difference is the massive scale between the two.  Nonetheless, it will be interesting and rather remarkable to see how the characters respond once GunPro-1 is finalized.  It may not happen anytime soon judging from the number of problems that were revealed in GunPro-1 during its public exposition, but the question will manifest itself sometime in the series and the way the characters respond to this adversity (or maybe relief) will certainly be meaningful to watch.




robotics;notes-09-gunpro1-gunvarrel-model-robot-complete-exhibition-walkingOkay, so the control panel inside GunPro-1 consisted of nothing more than two buttons labeled “Walk” and “Turn”.  Was anyone else curious about how the “Turn” function worked?  It was one button; did it turn to the left or did it turn to the right?  Also, there were no controls for the arms either, although that might be for the best since the arms looked rather pathetic.  That and the pilot inside couldn’t see anything on the outside, so having hand-eye coordination would be impossible unless they were watching themselves from a camera in the third-person perspective.  It makes me think that the whole purpose of the robot was to just stand tall and inspire those who see it.  With such a limited and questionable control panel, I wonder why they even included it, especially when GunPro-1 seemed to do fine just standing still.


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