12 Days of Anime (2012) – Day 3 – The Aniblog Tourney

needless-14-kuchinashi-silent-emotionless-sketchbook-confused-question_mark-staring-comedy-hilariousAs I’ve made an emphasis about the anime community throughout these Twelve Days posts, I figure it’s about time for one of the greatest, most memorable and wholly entertaining events of the year: The Second Anime Blog Tournament or Aniblog Tourney.  With the first one occurring in 2010, before I discovered and read anime blogs, this was the first such event where a majority of the aniblogger community gathered together to share and explore bits and pieces of the community that may have gone unnoticed previously.  Seizing the opportunity, this blog was accepted into the tournament.  However, the act of putting my blog in the Aniblog Tourney is not the reason for it making the Twelve Days list.  Rather, it was the social aspects of the Aniblog Tourney which were the most influential and enduring.

usagi_drop-8.5-rin-firefly-yukata-kimono-festival-matsuri-cute-smilePerhaps the most significant aspect of the Aniblog Tourney is how it opened the entire Anime blogging community to me, exposing me to a diverse variety of types and styles and focuses and niches that I never knew existed before.  I made an effort to visit every blog entered in the tournament and to read at least 1 post (a real post, not the intro say hi, welcome, check things out sorta posts).  As a result, I found myself bookmarking quite a few blogs and nearly tripling the amount of blogs I followed before (~20 to ~60).  Not only that but I began to eventually connect with these bloggers via Twitter and this fostered the beginning of a number of friendships.  As a result of the tournament, I’ve begun to feel more a part of the community online than I ever did before.

wandering_son-03-sasa-takatsuki-chizuru-momo-nitori-makoto-friends-comedy-Another impactful characteristic of the tournament was campaigning for my favorite blogs throughout the tournament.  I have many fond memories of trying my best to promote several blogs including chaostangent, The Untold Story of Altair and Vega, and Lemmas and Submodalities.  Although most of these voting campaigns fell short, it was amusing to see people respond, often joining in themselves to promote these blogs or otherwise showing their support in one way or another.  Yes, what probably will be remembered the most about the voting were the unethical aspects of it, largely the drama and cheating and having to wait for the new polling system, but I will remember doing my best to have people support my favorites, and new favorites, throughout the tournament.

acchi_kocchi-09-tsumiki-cat_costume-nekomimi-nya-cute-bell-blushIn regards to my blog, one absolutely unforgettable aspect was the coordinated posts and podcast I was able to participate in thanks to some clever organization by our group, Group Five of the Red Bracket, which is probably the one singular event I’ll cherish the most.  I’m not sure entirely of how the whole podcast was received by others aside from the lengthy and amusing comments section on Metanorn, but I had a wonderful experience conversing with other bloggers about the tournament and anime in general.  And although my blog saw an early but admirable defeat in that round, losing against the eventual winner in Metanorn and the beloved Baka-Raptor, and sharing the same fate as Ambivalence , or is it ambiguity?, I found that my position in the group to be more worthwhile than advancing further in the tournament.  Don’t get me wrong, I would’ve loved to see my blog continue in the tournament, but to have this experience in my final stage is something I want to appreciate.  Sure, the loss did leave a bit of a sting, but the whole experience in Group Five made it all worthwhile.

daily_lives_of_high_school_boys-06-ringo-nichibros-excited-happy-energy-blushUnfortunately for the tournament as a whole, there was quite a bit of drama among the bloggers and an immense amount of stress placed on the organizers.  In the end, I found the tournament to be a huge success, especially when considering the lasting influences of the tournament and how it truly opened myself up to the blogging community as a whole rather than fragmented pieces that I found across the internet.  I hope that everyone involved took a moment to thank Scamp from The Cart Driver for what he and the other organizers (couldn’t find a list, sorry to everyone else who worked on the tournament) were able to do for the community with this tournament and thank them for the time and effort they put into running this event.  Even to this day, I believe the Tournament played an invaluable and irreversible role for me and my blog and I hope everyone had a positive experience from it, maybe not to the same degree as I did, but to a significant extent.


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  1. #1 by John Sato on December 25, 2012 - 7:15 AM

    The tourney was how I found your blog, of course I had a positive experience!

    • #2 by avvesione on December 26, 2012 - 1:32 AM

      I’m glad to hear that. I think that’s true for a number of people, too, seeing as how the tournament was a great way to advertise blogs to the whole community and for people to see what’s really out there. Like I said, I found about 40 new blogs that I never knew existed before which I now have bookmarked, so for 40+ people (since some are teams), I had the very same experience you had.

  2. #3 by windyturnip on December 25, 2012 - 9:02 AM

    I barely even followed any blogs before I stumbled across the tourney. I looked at every single blog there and ended up picking out twenty or so to follow (including yours).

    I was following Caraniel’s Ramblings from the very start which was a pretty fun journey. Their blog was always just scraping by. They got knocked out in Round 4, but 8thsin got disqualified for cheating so they ended up making it all the way to the quarter finals.

    • #4 by avvesione on December 26, 2012 - 1:46 AM

      I’m glad to hear you found my blog and many others through the tournament. I consider it to be a success whenever I see comments like these about how the tournament was able to gain a number of new followers.

      And in regards to the results, some were pretty fun to follow, especially considering the number of surprises and knock-outs in each round. In fact, I kinda would like to see another one again soon, though it seems like we’ll have to wait until 2014 before the next one happens (if it ever does).

      • #5 by windyturnip on December 26, 2012 - 11:13 AM

        I just finished reading the final post for the aniblog tourney, and I guess I never realized how many problems there were. It’s too bad that the worst parts of the community ended up causing so much trouble. Still, the organizers did propose some rather interesting ideas on how to helper foster growth in lesser known blogs. It looks like the generic tournament system had a lot of inherent flaws that make it a less than good option.

        • #6 by avvesione on January 1, 2013 - 12:09 PM

          Yeah, but looking back on it now, the drama and the tension and all that stuff going on is what kinda made it more lively and more fun to participate and watch. I mean, sure, it kinda sucked at the time and people were arguing and fighting, but I think it really helped bring some people together. But yeah, kinda sucked for the organizers for them to deal with that when they were just trying to have some fun and bring people together, so maybe my opinions are a little flawed in that regard.

  3. #7 by Kyokai (@KyokaiTM) on December 25, 2012 - 11:42 PM

    Looking back, Tourney definitely took a lot from us in terms of effort but overall was very enjoyable and looking back, I discovered many aniblogs in the process. Also, our group had the most fun on that round for sure.

    • #8 by avvesione on December 26, 2012 - 1:48 AM

      Yeah, I was really happy with how our coordinated efforts came out, with the podcast and the humorous posts we all did for that round. It was easily one of the highlights of the tournament. Glad that I could be a part of the whole thing.

      Also, congratz on winning the tournament again! Maybe next time I can be placed as far away from your blog as possible next time! =P

  4. #9 by SnippetTee on December 27, 2012 - 10:45 AM

    I remember I was so close to exit in one of the early rounds but a few people rallied for me to win… and you’re one of them. I really appreciate that, thank Avvesione. It’s definitely one of the most fun experiences I had in the tourney.

    Overall, Aniblog tourney is an eye-opener, especially with its politics and drama. But regardless of its flaws, being part of it is definitely a good learning experience. It’s also really nice to know that there are people willing to put a lot of effort to foster growth in the aniblogosphere.

    • #10 by avvesione on January 1, 2013 - 12:13 PM

      Yup, of all the blogs I tried to heavily campaign for in the tournament, your blog was the only one to ever succeed and advance onto the following round. Glad that you run a fantastic blog that a lot of people love and that people can rally around and support you through to the final rounds of the tournament! Congratz on making so far!

      And looking at the tournament as a means to promote growth and visibility of the other blogs, I think the tournament did just that but only mainly among other anime bloggers. I think it really helped us as a community grow more connected to each other. Since the tournament, I’ve discovered so many new people I never knew otherwise, so in that respect, I found the tournament to be vital to my growth as a blogger and for my blog to be more visible.

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