Magi – 13

magi-13-alibaba-amon-flames-power-dungeon_capturer-magicWithin the Balbadd story arc, a specific hierarchy has been successfully established.  No, no, this isn’t about the monarchy, class structure, or social order in Magi but instead about how the fighters and fighting is ordered into certain tiers based on the various acquired powers and intrinsic abilities present.  With Alibaba now controlling and utilizing the flames of Amon, we’re able to better understand how powerful the magoi and djinn are and comprehend the difference in fighting capacity between these characters.

magi-13-aladdin-smile-pointing-friend-lightIn Magi, strength and fighting power are derived from the rukh, essentially the manifestation of life or souls.  The energy from these rukh is manifested as magoi, basically a form of life power, and harnessed through various devices, such as the Metal Vessels obtained through Dungeons or by magi who possess this as an innate quality.  Djinn are living beings who can also utilize magoi and, once captured, can help channel it or control it through the Metal Vessels for ordinary humans to use.  Without a djinn or vessel of some variety, humans that are not Magi are unable to use this fundamental power which dictates the use of magic in this world.

magi-13-alibaba-flames-amon-power-magic-magoiWith this understanding of how power is gained and who can use it, we can begin to understand the difference in fighting tiers between characters.  At the top are the magi, like Aladdin and Judal, who are able to freely use magoi in whatever capacity they desire.  As we saw with Judal a few episodes ago, a magi who has trained and developed his powers, his abilities are exceptionally powerful and were able to seemingly defeat Ugo who had been unrivaled previously.  Below the magi are the djinn, Ugo or Amon for example, showing virtually the same competences and limitations as a magi but without having a source of external or internal magoi to use since this is restricted to humans and other life forms.  Below these are the Dungeon Capturers, with characters such as Sinbad, Alibaba or Hakuei Ren, who employ their own magoi and channel it through their Metal Vessels to use magic such as the Djinn Weapon Equip.  Their capacity as fighters are much more limited than magi or djinn, but dungeon capturers do have the ability to use magic which has been shown again and again to be overwhelming and unparalleled in battle.  The final tier are those without any means of drawing or utilizing magic.  And while the theme of this post has been on the use of magic and how it shows the difference in strength and ability, these fighters are not necessarily the weakest, as we’ve seen with Morgiana and Masrur who use superior physical strength and agility to remain competitive in battle.  In fact, in some cases, these characters may even be the strongest since they do not rely on magoi and do not need to recharge or regenerate their energy between battles.

magi-13-morgiana-fighting-monkeys-strength-power-fistWhat the Balbadd arc has shown us is that Magi is beginning to set up different tiers of fighting strength and style based on how these different characters use magic in this world.  Although currently there is some great disparity between the characters themselves, such as Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana appearing weaker than their respective counterparts (Judal, Sinbad, Masrur), we’re beginning to form an understanding of each character’s potential based on their current ability and what they may eventually become should they develop and mature like what we’ve seen with these parallel characters.  Furthermore, this arc has shown that Magi is beginning to evolve into more of a standard fighting anime where abilities and power are outlined and governed by specific laws or fundamental ideas. This story arc has been our foundation in this area of knowledge and it has successfully done so without side-stepping from the story or characters and explaining it to us as a lecture or seminar.  In fact, the way that this information has been integrated into the story has been both wonderful and fascinating, especially considering how dense and intertwined these concepts are.  And seeing at this is the first major battle arc of the anime, this knowledge base will serve as a helpful and informative guide for any or all of the future fights we see in Magi.




magi-13-morgiana-alibaba-fighting-protecting-monkeysIs it just me or are Morgiana’s fights the most entertaining and most satisfying fights to watch?  There’s just something about her using her strength and speed rather than weapons or magic that just makes her fights and her victories so much more rewarding to watch.  I’m not necessarily saying that all the fights besides hers are boring but that hers are just constantly and consistently the best ones to watch.  Maybe I’m just biased since she’s got a whole other level of badass that no one else has; Aladdin and Alibaba are always smiling and friendly while Morgiana is here to kick ass and take names.  Dunno why but her fights are my favorite to watch.


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