10 Year Anniversary

Today marks the ten year anniversary of this anime blog.  While these archives have rested silently these past three years, I still periodically return to dust off dated impressions and earnest introspection to measure how my anime fandom and behavior has evolved.  I originally intended for this blog to challenge myself in four areas, with all four having been completed years ago.  However, each time I return, I recognize this blog has a newfound and lasting challenge that I never envisioned: when and how do I say good-bye?

Having never written a farewell post – though honestly speaking, my seven year anniversary post was written as a de facto one – this blog remains open.  Nonetheless dormant, here remains a place where I often reexamine my thoughts and opinions about the anime I have enjoyed over the last decade.  The ten year mark spurred me to return yet again, and while I originally conceived penning a farewell post, I realize it is unwarranted and unnecessary.

Doing so would provide closure for a blog that has not seen consistency in seven years, but I wonder if such an action is necessary and whether it is necessary now.  I still happily return to these sentimental pages to find inspiration in these forgotten posts where I am infused with a desire to adapt these former analytics and enthusiasms to the anime I enjoy today.  These emotions certainly outweigh the nostalgia of foregone anime, and each time I leave, I am more elated and encouraged than when I arrived.  A significant part of that inspiration is from a sense that I may one day be able to return to writing about anime.  At least, that is how I felt seven years ago when I last considered writing a final post, and that is how I feel today, ten years after this all began.

Given that this blog still inspires these feelings, I am choosing for this blog to remain open, although I have no immediate plans to restart it in any form.  Yes, this is another de facto ‘farewell post’, but one that leaves that sense of wonder alive and manifesting it in a way I hope others understand and appreciate.  I will continue to enjoy anime however I can, whether its engaging with people online or simply imagining topics and opinions in my head or even watching episodes quietly alone.  This blog, and everything that derived from its connections, will continue to remain a part of my anime fandom going forward.  Even if this place remains still and even if I never publish another post here again, this blog will remain as a source where I can refill my motivation and passion for anime should it ever run dry.


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