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Nisemonogatari – 4

I have a love-hate relationship with fanservice in anime that, to put it simply, is challenging to define.  Every scene is situational in that, depending on a myriad of factors such as anime, characters, scene, and type, I can either love it or hate it or fall somewhere between these two extremes.  And since fanservice has been a prevalent topic regarding Nisemonogatari, it’s about time to see what fanservice I appreciate and what fanservice I can do without using this episode as a sample.

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Nisemonogatari – 3

Here’s a statement: if you’ve only heard two things about Nisemonogatari, then you should really spend more time on the internet and look around because it’s a damn good show.  But going back to the first clause, if you’ve only heard two things about Nisemonogatari, then you’ve probably heard about its phenomenal dialogue, its unconventional art presentation, or its overwhelming fanservice.  Oh wait, I count three.  Right, that’s three.  Keep in mind I only limited it to two and wouldn’t be surprised if you heard all three but I limited it to two just in case that original statement applies to you and you’ve only heard two things about Nisemonogatari.  Right, that’s what I did.  Well, here and now, I’m going to present a fourth (third?) feature that has been precariously overlooked and ripe for review and recognition.  Bear with me, we’re about to dive into the exceptional voice acting in Nisemonogatari.

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Nisemonogatari – 2

One of the most acclaimed and exceptional characteristics of Nisemonogatari is the dialogue.  Not only do the sentences and their pacing sometimes resemble scripted verses from an inspired poet or arbitrary lines from a natural conversation but their words carry a specific weight to them in that they are integral to telling the story, the characters themselves, and whatever other variable you think applies.  And that last part, about the applying these conversations to anything, is the subject of this post after I came to a conclusion after this episode: Koyomi cares more for his sisters than anyone else in the series.

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Nisemonogatari – 1

I have high hopes for Nisemonogatari.  What leads me to believe in these high hopes is not for the mere fact that this is the sequel to the beautiful Bakemonogatari, a favorite for both art and dialogue, but that this series can improve upon the lofty accomplishments from its predecessor.  And if the first episode is any indication, it seems we’re already on the road to improvement.

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