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12 Days of Anime (2012) – Day 3 – The Aniblog Tourney

needless-14-kuchinashi-silent-emotionless-sketchbook-confused-question_mark-staring-comedy-hilariousAs I’ve made an emphasis about the anime community throughout these Twelve Days posts, I figure it’s about time for one of the greatest, most memorable and wholly entertaining events of the year: The Second Anime Blog Tournament or Aniblog Tourney.  With the first one occurring in 2010, before I discovered and read anime blogs, this was the first such event where a majority of the aniblogger community gathered together to share and explore bits and pieces of the community that may have gone unnoticed previously.  Seizing the opportunity, this blog was accepted into the tournament.  However, the act of putting my blog in the Aniblog Tourney is not the reason for it making the Twelve Days list.  Rather, it was the social aspects of the Aniblog Tourney which were the most influential and enduring.

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Because I Caved In To Peer Pressure… (ABT Round 3 Group 5 Whatever)

Curious about the three other blogs in Group 5 of Round 3 of the AniBlog Tournament?  Well, you’re in luck.  It just so happens they were all featured in the most recent episode of Generic Fanservice Harem Magic-Fighting School the Anime.  Here’s a rundown of what you may of missed but probably already know because it’s the same thing you’ve seen a thousand times before…

Moments after the final bell of the day had rung but before the students could rise from their desks, stretch, and mingle among each other, Taro Every Lead (TEL) jumped from his seat and raced toward the library.  Rather than hang out after class with his Sweetheart Childhood Friend (SCF) and Perverted and Unlucky Best Male Friend (PUBMF), TEL needed to finish his summer homework assignment that he was unable to complete.  The reason you ask?  Just last night while returning home from trip to the convenience store, TEL was magically warped to an alternative dimension where he found out the most Beautiful, Popular, Intelligent, Athletic, and Unobtainable Girl in his school is actually some sort of Magical Witch Nekomimi Princess (BPIAUMWNPG) of some magical kingdom.  Not only that but TEL meet two other magical girls in that world, a Scandily-Dressed Tsundere Knight (SDTK) and a Shy, Motherly, Friendly Maid Girl (SMFMG).  After TEL learned he, too, is a magical knight and easily defeated the first boss in one blow at the end of the previous episode (along with an accidental groping of BPIAUMWNPG), the four teenagers were warped back to Earth on the morning before his first day of high school.  Oh, and SDTK and SMFMG also transferred into his class, too, can’t forget that.

“What luck. I was going to finish my summer homework before school this morning but that strange, magical dimension really messed things up,” TEL thought to himself as he raced to the library. “Thankfully our new teacher, Busty Dreamy Seductive Meganekko-Sensei (BDSM-S) will allow me to turn it in before 5.”

Before long, TEL arrived at the school library and opened the door. “Ya~hhoo~!” a voice called out to him.  Why, standing at the first table in the library was Blonde Busty Senpai (BBS), complete with a pose and a wink. “Whatcha doing TEL-kun?” she asked with an almost too cheerful and playful tone.

“No time to chat BBS, I’ve got to finish my summer homework before BDSM-S punishes me!” TEL explained in the most plainly way possible.

“Hoo~?” the curious BBS said, “First year summer homework?  That’s the one on the anime bloggers right?  Who did you get stuck with this time?”

Baka-Raptor, Metanorn, and Ambivalence , or is it ambiguity?” TEL said, settling into the seat at the table and opening his textbook.  But before he could begin reading about these legendary anime blogs, BBS slammed her fist onto the book and drew TEL’s attention first to her unreasonably low-cut serafuku and then to her face.

“You don’t need a textbook to help you with that, I’ve got all the answers right up here,” BBS said as she pointed to her brain.  TEL had an uneasy look on his face but didn’t have enough personality to stop her.

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Welcome AniBlog Tourney Voters! – Round 3

For everyone visiting my blog, whether a first-timer or a regular reader, I wish to welcome you to Avvesione’s Anime Blog!

After a rather lengthy wait, the turn for this blog has come again in the AniBlog Tournament.  Voting takes place at the same website as before but, as you may have already noticed, the voting method has been upgraded to a new system and voting is hosted on an external website.  Additionally, this round is distinct as voters will be able to select their 2 favorite blogs out of the 4 available in each round.  I hope to have your continued support in Round 3!  Also, be sure to visit and read the other blogs paired in my group: Baka-Raptor, Metanorn (and check out the podcast of this group, hosted by Metanorn), and Ambivalence , or is it ambiguity?

If you’re interested in checking my blog out, I strongly recommend you browse around and search for posts on whatever anime you like.  The style of this blog focuses more on analysis rather than reviews or opinions, but the format is episodic for a couple shows (Jormungand and Sakamichi no Apollon this season) with everyone else being reduced to Weekly Anime posts.  For those curious about my opinions on this season, my Mid-Season Review has a comprehensive list of all the anime I’m watching including a ranking of every show, scores, reviews, and thoughts on improvement.  If you’re not sure where to start and would like a few examples, please venture on below for some highlights of this blog.

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Welcome AniBlog Tourney Voters! – Round 2

Edit: Once again, I want to thank everyone for your continued support for this blog!!  We will be advancing to Round 3 which is a group stage meaning this blog will be against 3 others and the top 2 will advance to Round 4.  Voting is scheduled to begin later this month or in June depending upon when the tournament starts up again.  As always, I hope to receive your support again in the next round.  Also, a round of applause to Rabbitpoets for their excellent sportsmanship and benevolence in this match of the tournament.  Please continue to support their magnificent blog and all your other favorite anime blogs as well.  Thank you.

Whether this is your first visit, you’re here on a regular basis, or you’re somewhere in-between, I wish to welcome you to my anime blog!  The second round of the Aniblog Tournament is already underway and the match I’m participating is now open for voting.  For those interested in the tournament and want to learn more or if you’re curious about where to vote, the Aniblog Tourney is home to all the polls and resources for whatever your needs are for this anime blog tournament.

I can imagine those who’ve been active in the Aniblog Tourney since it began roughly 73 matches (or 136 blogs) ago are already feeling fatigued or weary of exploring or rediscovering yet another blog. If that’s the case, then please enjoy my blog at your own pace.  I realize not everyone has the time or energy to slug through another round of quickly evaluating and subsequently judging 8 blogs, but I do hope your experience here is enjoyable or in some way positive.  I also want to thank you for taking the time to visit my blog regardless of whether I win your vote or not.

For anyone who is up for a challenge or is excited to explore my blog, then here are a few recommendations:

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Welcome Aniblog Tourney Voters!

Edit: Everyone, thank you for all your support.  This blog will now be moving onto the second round with voting scheduled for May 4th at 20:00 GMT.  I hope to continue to receive your support in the next round of the Aniblog Tournament.

For all of those visiting my blog from the Aniblog Tourney, I wish to welcome you to my anime blog!  For those of you who aren’t but are curious about the tournament, check out the home page of the Aniblog Tourney and vote!

I realize being in the fourth poll and probably the 7th or so blog you’ve checked out today, I can only imagine that many of you are already tired after reading so much or scrolling through several new blogs already.  If that’s the case, then let’s keep this short.

My About page has some basic information if you’re curious about me, but I recommend you explore the site at your own pace and read what you want to read.  The anime in the categories side bar have episodic posts though the topics are extremely variable and are often on subjects that interest me or that I think would be good discussion points.  Even more anime are covered here but they are categorized by seasons and often in the format of Weekly Anime with shorter topics for each anime.  For thoughts and reviews on anime, check out the Season Reviews category which includes Season Previews, Mid-Season Reviews, and Season Reviews.  I urge you to find whatever interests you, read it, and enjoy your stay.

If you’re not tired or weary and curious for some of my better posts with links to specific examples, then please, continue on.

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Anime Blog Tournament – Preview, Information, and Where to Vote!

In case you weren’t aware or are simply curious or maybe confused, the second Aniblog Tournament is prepared to begin Sunday, April 15th (20:00 GMT).  Participation for fans and readers is simple, visit the home page of the tournament to see which polls are open for that day.  There will be links available to visit all the anime and manga blogs for you to make your decision and it is your opportunity to vote for the one you prefer or would rather read.  The end will see one blog which will come out on top.   New polls open every day and are open for two days (48 hours), so be sure to visit these blogs and vote frequently for your voice to be heard!

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