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12 Days of Anime (2013) – Day 3 – Image Search, Views and Understanding Anime Fans

psycho_pass-14-kougami-city-lights-society-urban-metropolis-night-crimeIn January of this year, Google Image Search (GIS) changed its structure and format to better accommodate its users in how they search and access images across the internet.  The most noticeable feature of this adjustment was that images would now expand within the window rather than opening the website and loading the page with the image on it.  This improvement was a welcome change among users, allowing them to access more previews quicker, completing searches faster and all without requiring pages to load on multiple websites.  However, as a direct result of this change, my blog and many other anime blogs saw a sharp decline in views due to the reduction in searches leading to page loads.  So while this moment of 2013 is not necessarily related to anime, this change in searches has had an unquestioned effect on this anime blog, perhaps the most significant change in its short history.

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Robotics;Notes – 6

The duality of Airi’s personalities is fascinating.  She is the manifestation of a sophisticated and intricate artificial intelligence, able to maintain an amiable personality that evolves through her environment and interactions while preserving her features as a perceptive database, able to retrieve and disclose data through simple Q&A.  However, these two personas are not simultaneous; though both exist within Airi, only one can be displayed at a time.  As a result, Airi begins to seem like two dissimilar characters who switch back-and-forth to serve two distinctive purposes in Robotics;Notes.  And seeing how stark the contrast is between these two personalities, not to mention a few other peculiarities, Airi has quickly become one of the most remarkable features of Robotics;Notes.

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Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita – 7

Putting together the various pieces to the puzzles in each episode in Humanity Has Declined has proven to be an amusing, yet sufficiently challenging activity while enjoying the series, but putting together the timeline of the series in chronological order based on the limited and indirect information from snippets of each episode?  Well, that’s something entirely different.

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Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita – 3

The fairies of Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita are arguably the most distinguished and memorable component of the anime.  Without them, the anime would suffer significant damage to its supposedly-dystopian fantasy realm, remove all instances of this overwhelming magic, and shift attention from these adorable, smiling creatures to the army of cute, moe girls that seemingly overpopulate the Earth as well.  So considering their impact on the anime and how they influence every aspect, we hardly know anything about these miniature beings.  Perhaps now is an ideal time to sort out what we know, and what we’d like to know, as see what new information we can draw from this mishmash of knowledge.

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Fractale – 11 (Finale)

The eleventh episode of Fractale concluded its story leaving virtually everything unexplained and unexplored, leaving us to wonder what went wrong.  It seems many fans have had some beef with the series, whether it’s the lackluster story, the unexplained Fractale system, or the fact the entire series seemed rushed.  Those seemed to have been covered in the more attentive and helpful blogs out there, so I’ll just focus on my biggest problem with the entire series: the setting.

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Fractale – 7


This is what I’ve been waiting for in Fractale.  The futuristic city full of hedonistic and artificial entites.  The stimulating lights and inviting noises attracting lifeless bodies.  A seemingly limitless world where one can freely pursue, nay, fulfill any goal, any desire, any dream.  And yet all of that is simply data.  Data which is not real and yet, it is their life.

Ah, I’ve been waiting for this.  The people, the settings, the exploration, and the understanding.  This is Fractale.

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Fractale – 3

Are doppels just data or are they something more?

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