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Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita – 12 (Finale)

Being alone is one thing; choosing to be alone is something else entirely.  But if it were up to Watashi, she’d be alone through any means possible, whether by default or by choice.  It wasn’t until a bit of maturity on Watashi’s behalf did she finally change her stance on solitude and reverse her antisocial behavior.  This occurred when Watashi learned the valuable and timeless lesson to accept others for who they are and not to exclude them for what you think they are.  And though she faced difficulties and challenges, Watashi overcame her fear of friendship and changed, nay, improved her life forever.

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Fractale – 6

I think everyone was happy with Fractale 6.  Or at least a majority.  Or whatever, that was baseless, I don’t know.  I just know that I’m happy and that’s probably the first time I can say so since the second episode.

So, anyway, let’s take a step back from everything for a sec, away from the temple, Phryne’s minor revolt, and Nessa’s purpose and examine the people living in the 33rd century.  And yes, this is what I was expecting from Fractale all along.  We finally got to explore the various forms of humanity in this strange land.

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