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Spring 2011 – Mid-Season Review

This is probably not the halfway point in the season for everyone but it is for me (and only because I’m making this post now).  With 12 anime taking up a majority of my free-time, it’s about time I update everyone on my thoughts and opinions regarding these shows, as well as provide a ranking because subjective information can potentially be confusing.  But first, some words on the Spring season, as a whole, thus far.

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Happy New Year!

Taking a second out of my… I guess this is my free time… I’m not quite sure, maybe?… to wish you all a safe and happy New Year. And with each passing day, the winter anime season approaches. This is always one of my favorite weeks, when we begin watching all the new shows. There’s some sense of marvel and speculation that seems to build it up like it’s something special. And since Christmas was just a short week ago, it allows me to use it as a relevant analogy in how I kinda see a new anime season.

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Kinda how I evaluate anime

There are a lot of passionate voices out there blogging about anime.  Yup… there are a lot.  What I find the most alluring about these blogs is finding out what shows these people enjoy and which ones they dislike.  People will come to various conclusions about the shows they watch based on whatever process they use to evaluate the show.  Of course, there are the popular anime, which everyone seems to favor, and the shitty anime, which no one bothered to watch.  Then there’s the raging mass of shows caught between these two sides.  These are the shows I find the most interesting because the spectrum of opinions ranges from extreme to extreme.  The sheer diversity of these thoughts is what I truly like to read.  However, there are so many different types of shows from comedy to sci-fi to action to adventure to ecchi to horror to slice-of-life to whatever.  How is it possible to evaluate the wide range of shows?

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