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Robotics;Notes – 15

robotics;notes-15-airi-artificial_intelligence-tears-crying-joy-blush-snow-romance-kissIt seems as though the spirited and cheerful Airi, the shining, sunny personality we knew and loved, is no longer with us in Robotics;Notes.  And though it seems like a cruel and heartless event to occur in the series, essentially the death of a character with her artificial intelligence being lost to digital nothingness, it does serve an ultimate purpose in the series from this point going forward.  That is to say, her character has fulfilled her duties and her intended purpose and now, is no longer necessary.

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Needless – Chapter 106

Needless is innovative and creative, especially in its storytelling.  Throughout the manga, there have been countless examples of where character development or story progression have been told or shown in a way that directly generates interest, creates suspense and surprise or is just unanticipated fun and amusement (for example: Kuchinashi).  And of all the methods utilized, the most innovative might be how Needless has unveiled its past.  Rather than relying solely on flashbacks or lengthy exposition, Needless has decided to show us its past through a variety of diverse means and styles.  And rather than reveal everything about the past together, it’s been fragmented into various segments, allowing the manga to answer the immediate concerns while raising other questions to create further intrigue and mystery.  And with another new style presented in this chapter, it’s time we recognize a few of the brilliant storytelling techniques employed in Needless.

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Spring 2012 – Week 12 Anime Review

This week: though it wasn’t the finale I was hoping for, I am satisfied with the ending to Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, the tale of a hero in Tsuritama, questions about planning and waste in Lupin III: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna, and my biggest gripe with the Players in Zetman.

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Sakamichi no Apollon – 8

Of the five characters tangled in these unstable and perplexing romances, Yurika is the only one to achieve any success.  Among the chaos, discomfort, and pain, Yurika has remained true to her original ambition while others have faltered or collapsed under pressure. Unwavering from her plan and courageously facing all hardships and adversity, Yurika has persevered and found the only romantic happiness in Sakamichi no Apollon.  The reason for such an accomplishment is the mere fact that she has yet to redirect her feelings from one potential lover to another.  This dedicated direction, or perhaps more fittingly acceleration, is responsible for the first successful romance in this anime.

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Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 – 12 (Finale)

The second season of Kimi ni Todoke closes its curtains with some rather happy moments and beautiful memories, at least for those rooting for Sawako and Kazehaya.  For the rest, there’s nothing but the remains of shatter dreams and the tears that accompany them.  Like Pin said in the beginnings of the episode, if good fortune exists in the world, then there must be an equal amount of misfortune.  Well, I’m sure we’re all glad the good fortune exists for those who deserve it, like Sawako.

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