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Dog Days’ (S2) – 6

The central theme of Dog Days is that of friendship.  Through every episode, the characters enjoy their magnetic relationships, comprised of delightful conversations, enticing groomings and pettings, and satisfying, light-hearted combat that leaves every character feeling safe and with a smile on their face.  In the off chance something “bad” is happening, it’s usually a simple conflict between friends that quickly resolves itself with each side realizing their errors, understanding each other, and strengthening their bond to an even greater level than before.  It’s how Dog Days’ remains so cheerful, charming, and peaceful all the time.  So consider myself overjoyed for the appearance of the Demon King, a selfish, perverted renegade who does not care about friendship or anyone’s feelings and came to disrespect everything about friendship and those considerate, compassionate impressions in Dog Days’.  Finally, someone brave enough to challenge this theme and provide that spark of conflict which can allow for Dog Days’ to change or progress.

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Nisemonogatari – 10

Everything in Nisemonogatari is serious business.

…but only if you’re Araragi Koyomi.  For everyone else, life in Nisemonogatari is somewhere between light-hearted and meaningless, a string of sunny days in which to simply enjoy life and nothing more.  Though there are days that contrast this norm, they only appear as a singularity in these characters’ lives and the rest is spent in merriment and amusement.  With lives like these, you have to wonder if it’s really the girls who are cursed and vexed or if it’s just Araragi.

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Fractale – 7


This is what I’ve been waiting for in Fractale.  The futuristic city full of hedonistic and artificial entites.  The stimulating lights and inviting noises attracting lifeless bodies.  A seemingly limitless world where one can freely pursue, nay, fulfill any goal, any desire, any dream.  And yet all of that is simply data.  Data which is not real and yet, it is their life.

Ah, I’ve been waiting for this.  The people, the settings, the exploration, and the understanding.  This is Fractale.

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