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Robotics;Notes – 9

robotics;notes-09-gunpro1-gunvarrel-model-robot-complete-construction-exhibitionEvery character in Robotics;Notes has a dream, either in the form of a goal or some type of drive that motivates them in pursuit of their desire.  For some, it’s rather apparent, such as Aki and fulfilling her dream of completing GunPro-1.  For others, it may be overlooked, such as Junna wanting to have more friends before graduating high school.  For Kai… well, it’s debatable.  Still, the point remains the same regardless of the character, that each has their own ambitions that they are chasing after.  However, the characters will eventually reach their goals, like Aki has with GunPro-1 in the ninth episode of Robotics;Notes.  The next question becomes, what do they do with themselves when their dreams have been realized?

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Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam – 23 (Finale)

After an immeasurable amount of loss, destruction, pain, and death, Luscinia readily backs down at the simplest idea of a young girl having dreams of a better world.  And with that, the wars have ceased, peace is realized, and the world can forget about its problems and work toward the future that everyone wants.  Seriously, why is it that anytime ‘hopes’ or ‘dreams’ or ‘I believe in you’ or any of that bullshit enter in at the end of an anime, nothing makes sense anymore and the story goes from respectable to ‘why the hell should I care anymore?’  Seriously, this is the ending they were aiming for?

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Softenni – 5

Seeing as people are starting to realize that you’re more likely to prevent any irreversible brain damage by not watching Softenni, there has been a sudden decrease in the amount of subs available for those who disregard whatever medical warning is associated with their favorite ecchi/sports animes.  Thankfully (for me), none of the topics I write about are associated with the story (haha what story?) or characters or anything that requires subtitles but instead focus on whatever tangents can pad out my weekly posts to around the 700 words so that they are just long enough to discuss a theme and short enough to impede too many ‘tl;dr’ views from people who visit this blog with the sole intention of looking at pictures of Asuna or Kotone (the only 2 characters that matter).

So anyway, onto the episode! (and I’m not all that negative in this post)

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Softenni – 4

It’s just another dismal, overcast day for Nameless XEBEC Animator A.  Not only is he getting in arguments with his girlfriend, getting yelled at by his supervisor at work for substandard animation, and running into financial trouble due to his lowly wages, this modest employee is simply losing his motivation for drawing anime.  He arrives at the studio before the sun has peaked above the horizon, receives his assignment for the day, and sits at his desk in the same monotonous fashion that he’s been repeating these past few months.

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica – 11

We’re all going to have a lot of memories from Madoka.  Some will be sorrow.  Some will be pleasure.  Others, too, will be fright and confusion and heartbreak.  If you recollect, the series took our emotions on an unexpected journey, able to manipulate our feelings into whatever this anime wanted.  But which of those emotions on this journey will you remember?  What memories will you have from Puella Magi Madoka Magica?

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