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Autumn 2012 – Week 10 Anime Review

psycho_pass-09-kougami-ginoza-detective-inspector-enforcer-latent_criminal-partners-facing_off-enemiesLast week: tributes or significant references to movies, literature, and music in Psycho-Pass, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!, brilliant visual cues in Shin Sekai Yori, issues with the in-game populations in Sword Art Online, and some positives about the fanservice in Little Busters!

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Check It Out! – Interview by Organziation Anti-Social Geniuses

In case you missed it, I was recently interviewed by Justin over at Organization Anti-Social Geniuses as part of the Thursday Lab Report series.  Every Thursday, a different person in the anime/manga community, including a manga editor, anime music reviewer and many more, is interviewed to highlight their interests and passion for what they do.  And this past Thursday was my turn to be interviewed with the focus on blogging anime.

If you were ever interested in learning more about anime blogging, my interests, or me in general, go check out the interview (linked below).  And while you’re there, try the other interviews as well, to see how diverse and interesting the anime/manga community is.  Be sure to check it out every Thursday to see what new interviews Justin has in store, too, since each week is glance into the mind of an anime/manga fan.

Thursday Lab Report #5: Interview With Avvesione’s Anime Blog’s Avv


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