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12 Days of Anime (2013) – Day 6 – 3 Year Anniversary and 500th Post

needless-13-setsuna-speed-shoujo_butai-girl_squad-leader-blue_hair-smile-happy-confident-serious-villain-antagonist-awesomeTo think, on December 20, 2010, Avvesione’s Anime Blog was nothing more than a wild idea derived from my passion for anime and my desire to express it.  It may have been 0 days old and have 0 posts, but I knew this idea would grow into something special.  Today, on December 20, 2013, my anime blog has triumphed through 3 long years and amassed a total of 499 posts.  With this post commemorating the 3 Year Anniversary for Avvesione’s Anime Blog, it also marks a great, new milestone, being my 500th post.  This is truly an exceptional moment for me and my anime blog.  Just trying to fathom all the time and anime and thinking and writing that occurred between these two time points is nothing short of remarkable.  Never did I imagine that my anime blog would ever make it this far.  And now, I wonder, where will it go from here.

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica – 11

We’re all going to have a lot of memories from Madoka.  Some will be sorrow.  Some will be pleasure.  Others, too, will be fright and confusion and heartbreak.  If you recollect, the series took our emotions on an unexpected journey, able to manipulate our feelings into whatever this anime wanted.  But which of those emotions on this journey will you remember?  What memories will you have from Puella Magi Madoka Magica?

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Another voice is born

Hello, hello, and welcome!

This place will be the home of my anime blog, where I plan to post my opinions, reactions, reviews, and, well… whatever on various anime.  No, I don’t think you’re stupid since you’ve probably already gathered that from the title or however you found this blog but an introduction is probably a good start and there really isn’t much else to talk about at this point.

I haven’t decided how I want this blog to develop, which may or may not be a bad thing.  I am hoping this blog will help me explore a few things about anime, connect with other anime fans, improve my sense of voice in writing, and discover what it is about anime that I enjoy so much.  Perhaps at this point the blog is more a project about understanding me than serving a community of anime fans.  However, I guess my first goal will be reaching out and connecting with people.

And with that, let us begin the first steps on this journey of exploration.

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