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12 Days of Anime (2014) – Day 3 – Catching up on Anime Movies

sakasama_no_patema-patema-age-upside_down-inverted-romance-holding_hands-smile-happyI’ve been terrible with staying current on anime movies. As you can probably guess from how I struggle to stay on time with my TV anime and with my blog posts, you can imagine how difficult it is for me to be up-to-date on all the anime movies that air every season. And with my movie backlog continuing to grow and grow, I made a decision early on in 2014 to make an effort to watch anime movies this year… and not just the ones that air, but to go back and catch up on all the ones I’ve missed.

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12 Days of Anime (2013) – Day 5 – Alternating Perspectives in Monogatari Series Second Season

monogatari_series_second_season-21-kaiki-suzuki-villain-suit-cell_phone-calm-cool-collected-suaveHave you ever wondered what an anime would be like if it were shown through the eyes of another character?  How might things be perceived or depicted if we heard it through someone else’s voice?  Would their priorities and preference impact the story differently?  How would their observations or presence affect the story, too?  Say, for example, if we saw Neon Genesis Evangelion through the eyes of Asuka or Code Geass from Suzaku’s point-of-view… how would these shows be affected?

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12 Days of Anime – Day 4 – Overanalyzing Anime

If you’ve been following my blog for this past year, then you know I love to analyze anime.  Doesn’t matter how fundamental or trivial the concepts or details are, I try to flesh out whatever interests me, and what I hope interests my audience, as best I can.  But sometimes I can take it a little too far.  When only ten words can be used to convey a point, I’ll use ten thousand.  When a gag was just meant to be only included for mere laughs, I’ll hypothesize the metaphysics so the joke and use it to explain obscure themes or perceptive character development.  It’s something I just started doing this year and my new love for going overkill on my analyses earns a spot on my 12 Days of Anime.

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