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Guilty Crown – 3

I’ve always been judgmental and critical of school settings in anime and this episode of Guilty Crown is no exception.  Schools in anime are always the same and always a negative.

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Sofuteni – 1

There’s a reason I decided to blog Sofuteni this season over a number of much better, more interesting, and popular shows this season.  No, I haven’t gone insane yet (but I expect those results to come back any day now).  For one, I think Sofuteni presents a distinct challenge in its blandness and mediocrity.  What’s the point of blogging if I only chose the best shows or my favorite shows every season and just gush all over them for a 12-week period?  I feel I can learn a lot more about why I’m so passionate about anime by selecting a diverse range of shows and exploring where they take me, instead of picking my favorites and only writing upbeat posts about each show.  Secondly, I figure no one will be blogging this anime since there isn’t gonna be a whole lot to write about each episode.  That is another test the show brings up: I’ll be able to see how my writing and creativity have improved since I started blogging back in January.  It will be a challenge trying to come up with material weekly, but I think it’ll be a fun experiment to grapple with a average anime such as this.

So anyway, onto Sofuteni!

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